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  1. It was a good ride. I did learn unless you are a moto god don't do the trail to wright mine. The "road" is all mine tailings way to lose to get any traction on to come back out. All the other areas I hit up were good fun. Experienced big bike riders I think could enjoy it all, new big bikes riders might find parts a little tough/intimidating.
  2. Brian Masters

    7/2 Bear Bear

    I'm not plannig to go into gnarly area this time. My plan is 2N54, 2N13, 2N80?, 3N14, 3N12, 3N16 Possibly 3N11 to Wright mine Mostly fire roads, The wright mine portion is the hardest part planned. It's not real rough or loose, but is a long hill with a steep drop off. It's video is from the mine out. Start to 2:11 is the mine trail, the second part of the video is 3N17 heading East
  3. Brian Masters

    7/2 Bear Bear

    Husky TE 511. My trailer is tiny only room for one bike.
  4. Brian Masters

    7/2 Bear Bear

    Yep just day tripping
  5. I'm planning to trailer up and park at the crab flats trail head. Easy fire roads newbie and big bike welcome. Kickstand up at 9:00. 40 Mike loop plus some side trails depending on the group. Trail head Dropped Pin near Crab Flats Rd, Green Valley Lake, CA 92341 https://goo.gl/maps/KeUy9sZYjyB2 6195079862
  6. Brian Masters

    Pine valley/Laguna loop 5/21

    Exit pine valley, head south park before it turns to dirt. About a 50 mile loop
  7. Kickstand up at 8:00am. Mix of dirt and street. Meet at cul de sac 6195079862
  8. Thanks to WCGIV for posting this up. We had a great day. 2 Husky's exploring Ocotillo wells. Tracklog, and videos. http://adventures.garmin.com/en-US/by/johndoegeneric/sdar-2-11-17/#.WKCpxxIrJE4
  9. I'm in, post up where you camp. I'll come out in the morning. I'm on a TE511.
  10. Brian Masters

    Any Forum Issues After Upgrade ?

    every time I open web page i'm logged out again, doesn't matter which device, or browser. I'll poke around more see if it's something strange in my settings. <shrug>
  11. Brian Masters

    Any Forum Issues After Upgrade ?

    Password failure. Every time I visit the site my password is not valid again... even if it's the same one I used 20 minutes ago.
  12. Brian Masters

    Kernan cycle trail?

    I've not been up in that area for a while and was surprised at how rough the main road from Pine Vally was. How does Kernan compare in difficulty? Thinking about heading that way next weekend or possibly do the Loop up through Laguna. On another Note planning on getting busy with the club again. Got busy with other stuff, and now want to focus on more day trip rides.
  13. It all goes to tntmo. PM sent.
  14. Un-used Alpinestar A8 M-XXL chest protector, and Fox elbow pads free to first to holler. I bought them and the fit just isn't quite what I was looking for, going back to the Thor Impact rig. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/45036/i/alpinestars-a-8-protection-vest
  15. I have up for grabs a set of suspension air bags. http://www.amazon.com/LIFT-60811-1000-Air-Spring/dp/B001OMVCTQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423948245&sr=8-1&keywords=airlift+60811