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Got out to enjoy this wonderful 😊 trails














Entered the Anza Borrego at several places. Near entry points you normally find this signs to help guide you to stay on the road.







Here I was about 50 miles into the road trip.








This is the harmful teddybear flora you want to admire from a distance . This area is covered in 







This fell tree was near the road. It provided a Smooth place to sit down. 






Screenshot_20221205-090559_Gallery.thumb.jpg.b3ece86920e23bcc2b44121955f09784.jpg gotta be careful where your taking a break.




This is a canyon campground

It has an old tree and a small creek . You can hike around and find old carvings in the rock. It's a great place to stop and grab a photo or play with your camera.





There is some good trails around here to  observe. I found some trash and picked it up to try and keep the place clean. 🙃 






Here's a shot of the desert  in the back ground is part of the the trail that the pony expess used to deliver mail to the train staging area.





Luckily for me I have a plate to hit some slab when needed. It started getting cooler around 430 and I decided I better save some for next week. 


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Is that the new Dunlop MX14 rear tire?  Looks grippy!!  Great pics btw  looks like a fun ride

Seriously though  amazing you get through the terrain you ride in with that tire   Major props



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I am sure I have a tire floating around with better tread than that if you are interested.

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Thankyou Mike, a rear tire would make the perfect Christmas present for my dual sport.

I appreciate the generous offer but I do got a new knobby it's just waiting on a tube 

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