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80s riding tips, informative

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Broc "Golden" Glover would be a great name for a boxer...dude was lightning fast...

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I remember when Broc came out to a district 38 MX race at Dehesa in 1974.  He was just a little kid with long blond hair hanging halfway down his back.  He had on blue jeans, lace ups, and a yellow jersey that was about ten sizes too big for him, which he had carefully written "Glover" on the back, with a marker pen.  He had what I thought was a Kawasaki Trail Boss, spray painted day glow green.  I don't remember him racing.  I think he had just snuck out for the morning practice session, and was he ever fast on that thing.  (Years later, at a party, he told me that the bike was actually a F7  175.)  The next time I saw him, he had gotten a lot taller, was riding a CR 125 in the expert class.  Then he disappeared from district racing, and the next thing I heard was how he was dominating CMC series motocross, and suddenly a factory Yamaha rider competing in national events.  Seems like it happened all in the space of a couple of years.  Good times....

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