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  1. Still helpful And/or on YouTube ..... this link is 4 prime: https://www.amazon.com/Riding-Motocross-Glover-Style-Broc/dp/B08178TVG7 Stumbled on to this... while not coughing at anyone. .... Be well y’all. ...
  2. DRDan

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    I just read this and wanted to share this picture. It was one of those let’s meet and work on stuff together. 10 or so people showed up at his place. Generous and just a good guy. RIP
  3. -Done, and Thanx. Unfortunately, I saw this,@ the http://www.saveocotillowells.com/donate.html site, checked SDORC site as well. And, don't do Fb, to see if there is another way to donate. Dan Edit: after getting the email I saw the: Send cash or check (made out to SDORC) ...
  4. DRDan

    LA2B2LV ticket

    First of all AARRGGHH. Work got in the way. So I can not attend. I have a ticket in my name for both days and am wondering if anyone has a friend who was just told there's no work for him/her the Thanksgiving weekend ..... my opposite. P.M. me and I can email you the ticket. --I don't know if this is possible/allowed/tolerated by the organizers ... :ph34r:/> Basically it comes down to, if they check I.D. at the sign in. Otherwise you can be me for 2 days. So behave. Dan
  5. DRDan

    Been gone awhile!

    First of all, sorry for your loss, and welcome back. Hope the healing keeps going, physically and mentally. The reason I'm posting here, besides the first sentence.... is the sticker you have on the left case. Tourist Season. Lol Be well. Dan.
  6. DRDan


    Also, a Huge hint.. If you'll join Crawdaddy on his loop tomorrow, your almost there. ... It's a dead end, so it's not directly ON it. Cheers.
  7. DRDan


    7+21=28.... of June. New TAG: Another locked gate. I love my finger.... So its in the shot, again. Other side of gate... On your way up to the TAG,about 3480ish ft... You'll see this structure. -this was on the way down. This valley might be familiar to some of you... Apparently, @ some point, it did get way too hot here for the fauna flora.. . Hint: There is a lake SoUTH-east of there, And, I was trying to get from the 78 to the 76.... Off pavement. Good luck. Dan
  8. DRDan

    Another Carb question

    Thanks, It's a Qickshot2 which is just bolt on. I did try gentle adjustment to the fuel screw. ... with some success. Another Thanks: no O ring underneath the throttle cable cover.. -never the easy way. Yes, I am happy. 'tntmoto', That's funny. As I was typing yesterday, I was thinking the same.. .. S/o gonna say: Just get used to it. I might have to. -Still, I'll keep looking for adjustment suggestions. Which "spawns" the question.. Any Maintenance Days coming up before FMAR or LA/BARSTOW/VEGAS..? Dan.
  9. The carbs keep coming.. I recently acquired a WR 426 F. It came with the QS2 installed. The problem I have, being used to my "smooth" DR - throttle control wise, is: Whilst applying throttle gently, after the free play, there is a spot that sends the engine from normal idle to idle +1000 revs. .. ( just an estimate ) Which means, when I'm driving and want to apply minimal gas/throttle, my head gets jerked back and I look like a fool even with the helmet on. I am wondering if that has something to do with that quickshot thingy, and if there are other WR owners out there without it: do you have bogging down problems in the lower revs, like the honda carb the QS was originally made for. ... if I remember my internet sources correctly . Haven't touched the carb nor fuel screw. Just added a little more free play to the throttle. B4 and the first time I rode it, just me thinking about throttle made it rev up and if in gear my head snap back. Which reminds me, I have to check the parts that came with the bike if the original part for the carb is there, too. Thanks. Dan.
  10. Its a popular spot. I camped there for a few days, last year. hot spring And that ride sounds tempting...
  11. DRDan

    taking a break

    Sir,I haven't met you, yet. So, I'm looking forward to it, on your next ride. All the best . Dan
  12. DRDan

    Me vs. Deer

    Hey Pasta, have you been contacted by Tosh for a web redemption, yet????
  13. DRDan


    Nope. It's not... And wont say more, since CiD is on his way by now.... Check my 1st or 2nd Tag that I did, for the general area. D'ouh, I just said more. Good luck.
  14. DRDan


    Its the Farmer Rd north of Wynola...... that dead ends into the preserve.