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Garmin Not Connecting to Mac

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Garmin 76Cx handheld will not connect with MacBook Air.  Have tried 3 different USB Mini cables without luck.  The Garmin Drive will not register on the Mac OS Sierra and does not appear in Basecame "My Garmin Devices" menu.

Garmin has always worked on iMac, first time trying on MacBook.


It does Not show up like this:






Any tips - missing a Driver or something?



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Can we assume you loaded the Mac Version of BaseCamp?


That 76Cx , Is it a Serial device?  I have no idea

System Requirements

- Windows Vista Service pack 2 or later is required. Machines with XP, SP3, Vista with no service pack or Vista service pack can use BaseCamp 4.2.5 available here. .NET framework 4.5 SP1 is required. A current version of .NET will be installed if needed.

- Windows Media Player 11 or greater is required (a free download from Microsoft)

- 1GB of system memory is required, 2GB of system memory is recommended when using BirdsEye Imagery or Garmin Custom Maps.

- A video card that supports Open GL version 1.3 or later is needed to view in 3D

- If you experience problems when interacting with map views make sure you have current video card drivers.

- Basecamp will recognise all MapSource products except BlueChart

- Basecamp does not work with serial GPS devices. "

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Pretty sure it's usb but it's very dated so maybe the new Mac OS doesn't support USB 1.1? Seems more like a Mac\76 issue. I don't think Basecamp has anything to do with it. I don't speak Mac but do they even use external drivers?

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Tried many things but ultimately: found the newest version of Basecamp (couple months old) and downloaded it. Then discovered newest Basecamp requires the newest Mac OS Catalina so downloaded it as well.

Feeling in the downloading mood, also downloaded Garmin Express only to discover that it is not compatible with 76Cx (possibly due to 76Cx being older tech). Downloaded Garmin WebUpdater in an attempt to update the 76Cx but Garmin has not yet created a 64bit version for OS Catalina so that won't work either. Successfully downloaded the latest Map Manager and Map Install however.


Results: Basecamp will now recognize the 76Cx (randomly).  Strangely it requires a little dance of opening and closing Basecamp with the Garmin turned on and plugged until it properly connects. "Transfer Complete" was a nice notification when it finally connected.




Thanks for the input and fix ideas!  Got to download some Active Logs into Basecamp with California Trail Map loaded and work on new tracks for future trips.

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