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California Trail Maps December 2019

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Found Success Sunday loading the current CaliforniaTrailMaps System onto the MacBookPro and Garmin Montana. 


Not before a little work with the Operating System on the MacBook involving upgrading to 64bit Apps. This fall I upgraded the operating system to macOS Catalina from Mojavi ( 32 to 64bit ). Soon I realized my old programs would not load, Photoshop i.e.  Well, this applies to CaliforniaTrailMaps as well.  Garmin MapManager is used to install CTM onto your Mac. Garmin Mapinstall needed to be upgraded to load CTM to the Montana. Both need to be upgraded to 64bit.  As a note, there are 3 separate maps to load, Transparent, Topo and the Basic.  On the Macbook, there is a base mapping program that needs to install before the OS will see the CTM.

The point of all this is not to be frustrated with the additional work. It is Not just one app to download. When finished it is usable just like any other Garmin Map and shows up Map Setup area.  The mapping does show additional detail compared to Garmin Topo 100 for example. Now I can see on the Montana the detail my So Called Trail Buddy has been calling out as we ride the trail.  $45 bucks for full access for all three device types and unlimited future updates. 


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Thank you for the link, Bags!  I have had more than a few things go wonky since upgrading and have not found anything solid to help me through.  Thank you!!!

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