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All dressed up and nowhere to go

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Plans fell through on a three week trip to Mexico so looking to shuffle plans.  I have a loaded up KTM 1290 SAR and 23 days.  Thinking about a BDR in California, Colorado, Utah, and/or Washington.

Any takers or suggestions?





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ride the boder as much as possible to Tucson.  Head north up ol 666 (devils highway).  Visit Monument Valley and then on to Escalante UT.  Lot's of big bike off road to explore.  Then To Moab and on to Denver.  Countless miles of Jeep roads up down all around the rockies.

My latest curiosity is to explore northern central CA,  but there's still a lot of snow up high this year.

The good news for you is that you can do anything you want without your friends pushing or hindering you.

Bon Apetite you lucky dog.

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California BDR will be too hot this time of year (at least for me). I did it in March and Furnace Creek was already in the 90's (now highs in the 117 range for sure). I did the Arizona BDR in June and it was fine. Most of it is at 4000' plus elevation. Don't get me wrong, there will be hot areas in June, but overall it's doable. There are some areas of the Utah BDR you would not want to do in June, namely Lockhard Basis (espeically on a 1290), but there are a lot of options like Kelly mentioned and you are at higher elevations than the CABDR for sure. If you have questions about any of those routes, let me know. As far as Colorado, I believe many of the higher passes are still closed due to record snow fall. 

The key I think is deciding on a route that has some elevation, unless you love riding in 100+ heat. Eastern Arizona is a ton of fun. Lots of options up in the mountains, both dirt and twisties. Decide on an area and purchase the corrisponding Butler map. 


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