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XC4 fuel pumps- what I've discovered

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Because some applications use 3 bar. The Ktm exc’s are not one of them. Man these guys are screwed up.

Apparently CA-Cycle sells the correct one.


That lower pressure will really screw with the fuel mapping especially since the bike uses an open loop fuel system. I should be receiving my unusable fuel screens in a day or two so I'm about to join you in dealing with HFP. I can hardly wait!


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While on the subject of fuel systems here's an interesting find. The quick disconnect that KTM uses is made by Colder Products. The KTM part retails for ~$56. Same fitting is available from Fresh Water Systems for $6.59. These both are equipped with the optional Viton seals which have better resistance to gasoline, ethanol, etc. than the standard Buna seals. Not sure what KTM specs for seals but I suspect Viton as well. 


They also have a metal version for $22.75 if you want to upgrade from the stock plastic fitting. 




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