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Anybody used it lately? It seems the "Index on Google Maps" isn't working. Is it me?

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Sure,  Blame it on yourself!

http://www.gpsxchange.com/           Working Monday morning.

EDIT:  Index Function - Don't know about that


On another subject,  Slaven's has some interesting maps for Utah and Colorado -  Latitude 40degree Maps

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Going to "shift" blame. Christian, the guy who started gpsxchange, sold the site a few years ago. The new owner is Daniel Pifko. I sent an email to him and he said he will take a look. Not sure he is maintaining the site the way Christian used to. So I will blame him, at least, until it's fixed. Not sure if i should post his email on the public forum. Send a PM if you want it.

Christian is very active on ADVRider. He sent me the email for the new owner

The tracks are still up loadable and downloadable, just can't view them on the Google maps at this point.

DualSportmaps is working fine. Upload and download. Found this nice tutorial video for Dualsportmaps. https://youtu.be/Ol7PnuOHGxM

Motobrain is the owner of Dualsportmaps and is also active on ADVRider.

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