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Economical Wheel Rehab

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I have a little Hodaka that I'm going to work on bring back to life, It's a neat little bike, has lots of old school mods. Starting with the wheels. I'm looking for suggestion on bring back the finish to the wheel, spokes and hub as possible and how to address a few issues. Doesn't have to end up a perfect restoration, but I'm not in a big hurry and would like it nice when done. I would rate mechanical reliability over ascetics if I had to.  I can put maybe $100 into each wheel. Starting with the front.

Issues are there was duct tape inside as a tube protector and there is some sticky residual gunk. A few of the spoke are high out of the nipple, one or two look like incorrect nipples as they are small. And of course the finish is funky. The nut and bolt was to protect the seal and bearings while spraying it off.

Appreciate any suggestions :)


Front hub


Small nipple and spokes extending


High nipple and duct tape gunk


  Inside Hub


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Depends do you want to restore in place or fully disssemble the wheel

that makes a diff in what you can do

wd40 will break down the adhesive without being too aggressive

goo b gone works as well too 

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Thats a lipped style rim and the only model Hodaka that had them was a Combat Wombat. Is that what you have? If you need help with parts or anything with Hodaka let me know.

Rte66 Tiddler Tour 2017 - 1 of 178 (130).jpg

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3 hours ago, DSM8 said:

Depends do you want to restore in place or fully disassemble the wheel

I'm fine with in place or disassemble, just don't want it to get to expensive. About $100 each and I can invest a little in tools. I have power washer, air compressor. It has have crossed my mine to get a media blaster (baking soda?) but have never done anything like that. In the big picture it might be useful for other things on the bike? In tried a little WD-40 and a stiff nylon brush, not so good, will get some goo be gone. 

I think it is an Ace 100, From what I understood the original owner, not who I got it from, did a lot to it back in the day. I got a box with a couple internal gears, workshop shop manual, a different air filter can. Not such a good thing I would think for originality but frame looks modified. Forks, shocks and pipe are all after market I think. Forks look like they are going to need major work or replacing, would prefer to keep some how. Seat cover not so good, seat pan is ok. Not %100 where the tank condition is besides rust. I'd like to need to try and keep the project to about $1000. 

SoCalHodaka - Your Super Combat looks fantastic. I might take you up on the offer for advise and parts info, looks like your an expert :)

Here it is. Kind of rough, but I want to do right by it as possible. Not in a big hurry. 





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Soda will be the least abrasive of any media blasting material of course if you find a place local

the does it would make sense to bring the wheels there and see how it looks post blast since it doesnt appear chrome is an issue you could then powder coat if you wanted afterwards

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