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Rad's AAA - Awesome Alaska Adventure

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Thanks Randy. Just saw this and it took a solid 2 minutes to load the first page because ya took so many pics!! Good job haha. I'll leave this anthem of a post open and read it for breakfast to get excited for the seminar tomorrow.

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Nice ride/write up. I bet you still dream about that trip these many years later. I know I do. I miss AK.

I lived up there for 5 years in Anchorage, and drove around much of the state from Fairbanks to Kenai, Tok to Valdez. Including driving up to Anchorage from the ferry drop off in Skagway and then driving out from Anchorage to San Diego. But those days were all on four wheels.

I highly recommend if you have the cash to take the Alaska Marine Highway from Bellingham, WA. to Haines and then sickle the rest of the way up the Yukon and Alaska. Taking the ferry you see things only people get to see by boat or float plane. It's a bit pricey, but worth the 3 day set trip. Then if you ride out of AK, you have the choice of the AlCan (better maintained) or the Cassiar (most western route). Either way, you're gonna see awesomeness.

By the way KTMrad, it used to be a common thing all over the west on less traveled roads where everyone would wave at each other when passing, not unlike what motorcyclists do with each other. It didn't matter if you were in a tractor trailer, motorhome, car or what have you, we waved. It was plain and simple, a wave meant, "hi, we're out here." It was a quick moment of acknowledgement. Acknowledgement that we are the few, we are the same (despite our reasons for being out there or where we came from), we are alive. Okay, maybe I'm taking this a bit too far, but it was definitely a sign of humans acknowledging each other. Something that is often lost in today's world. As seen by many people not waving at each other on the road today.

KTMrad, going places like you did on your trek shows why people should wave at each other on the road. All of us have something to experience and share. That's what the traveler's friendly passerby wave means to me.

Ride on gang and keep traveling by any means you can.

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Good write up, Rad, thanks for the link and the heads up!

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