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  1. Happy Birthday Fuzzy....

  2. FuzzyNugs

    50% off spot tracker

    I bought a Gen 3 back when they came out around August 2013. My "Ok" messages seem to go through, but I'm not sure it's 100%. I don't check the tracking feature on the website and just use my gps to know where I went, but I'm assuming it works. My experience with the button covers is different than amgems. I have never had them pop open on accident and they have a little nub that helps it click shut. I could see it wearing out though if you are constantly opening it, but those are the emergency buttons which I haven't had to use yet. I'm sure the mounting options are good, but I just clip it to my camelbak and it hangs from my shoulder. It comes with a carabiner and strap so you can hang it from just about anywhere. Lastly, the batteries ran out this September at roughly 25 full riding days of being on. Uses 4 lithium AAA's.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Bike only has 10K on it now dirt dame, so not sure why they went out so early. It's the first bike I adjusted valve clearances on myself and thinking back I may have had them too tight. Could this have accelerated the wear? I'll keep an eye on oil consumption and check spark plug for richness. Seth, the DR is still tearin it up out here. If you ever did that high-comp piston on yours shoot me a PM and let me know what you think of it.
  4. I've been away from SD for a year now, but can't let go of this forum. Anyone whoever rode with me when I was on my beloved/hated KLR250 knew that I had some starting issues with it. Reset the valve clearances multiple times and within 150 miles it would be very hard to kick over or wouldn't start at all. Kug and Goofyfooter were with me when I dared to take it to Baja thinking it was fixed. Almost had to push it back across the border when it stalled in Tecate traffic. Tim also helped tow start it another time. Sorry Tim I know you hate this bike, but the good news is it's fixed. I suspected it needed the valves replaced, but didn't want to chance the job myself so I took it to Cycle Works Racing up in Littletown, PA last month. Greg is the expert on this engine as he has modded the quad version(Mojave) of it for racing. Surely he could fix my measly KLR. The good news was that the exhaust valves were ok, but the intakes definitely needed replacement. According to him, Kawasaki bought too many of these valves and so put them in many different street bikes, but they weren't really that great in the KLR and thus failed a lot. Here are my old valves. Mechanical gurus, just how bad are these? The walls certainly don't have the nice 3 angled sides the manual shows. More like one vertical angle. $425 and a month later and I have my bike back with new valves and recut valve seats. I took it for a brisk 40 miles in 40 degree weather today and she ran like a champ, aka a slow rolling couch. I found an old odometer picture and I've only managed 1500 miles in 3 years on it! Time to ride it for a bit and maybe sell by spring. I like it as a light trail bike, but I also want one of those fancy orange 350s.
  5. Great pics. I really miss those wide open spaces.
  6. FuzzyNugs

    The numbers are in.

    Ken, I remembered his mega-trip the other day and found his new ride report. Looks like you did as well. If I remember what he stated correctly, he is only carrying a dumb phone so my guess is his internet updates will be few and far between. I'll be following it on ADV...good luck Vic! http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=992107
  7. FuzzyNugs

    GSXR 1000 titanium muffler

    Yeah, I wouldn't go paying $300 for one. It's definitely a waiting game combined with a bit of luck to find one. I have never used a DG pipe, but they seem to be a good value. What I can say is that the Supertrapp IDS2 racecore version is too loud, but it did work for it's purpose of more flow and less weight. I ran that with a stock bike and then with a cut airbox and FCR39 carb. Both seemed to work. You should be able to find some DR reviews of people running the DG O-series pipe on advrider or drriders if you use the search functions. Is your carb or airbox modified at all?
  8. FuzzyNugs

    GSXR 1000 titanium muffler

    These are certainly the golden ticket exhaust for the DR. I found mine on eBay a year and a half ago for around $100 and then bought the midpipe from Kientech. Trophyhunter has one I believe and Afry has found two in the past when he had a DR. They may be able to chime in with tips for searching. They have definitely gained some value over the past year as it is a popular mod and the supply is limited and shrinking. Have you looked on craigslist? I used to search for a slew of odd combinations in hopes of finding one. Also a countrywide search on one of the meta-craigslist search engines may be worth your time. If you can find one there just ask if they will ship to you. Also check drriders.com under the For Sale section. The x40F0x one is the best and from '01 '02 GSXRs as you mentioned. There is also one stamped x35Fx (think that's right) and it is either from different years or different bikes. It will work about as well, but is slightly longer in dimension. Lastly, Procycle is working on their own proprietary exhaust system right now that is looking pretty good from early testing reports. So if you can't find GSXR can, you can always wait for that to be released.
  9. Great looking trip guys. Some of those campsites are spectacular. Was the GS1200 too big for Big Todd? The 990/950s all look good, but I have to ask..how big is that one gas tank? It went from motorcycle to motortank.
  10. FuzzyNugs

    Wandering around

    Looks like you found some sweet stuff out there. The rock mural is very cool. Just a heads up though if you find yourself in places you maybe shouldn't be again..some of that stuff could be UXO(unexploded ordinance) with the potential to take a hand off or worse. Pics are cool, but picking junk up especially with fins is just adding more risk. Having worked on several desert training bases and received the safety briefs, I'd prefer you stay safe and in one piece as you make good posts!
  11. I found this link on another site, but Honda is running a survey to find out what your ideal Offroad Motorcycle is. Sounds like there may be some new models in the future following the CRF250L success...or they are being drowned in orange kool-aid and have no clue what to do :lol:/> http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B Crusty, this is your chance to tell Honda how you really feel about that 450 Rally.
  12. Excellent addition Kevin. With my recent return to the Homeland(Virginia), you can be sure I'll be trying out much of that eastern section once my bike thaws I'll have to download the actual gps files, but from the crude google maps display, it looks to go right through my county. Anyone willing to venture this far...will have some cold beers waiting for ya.
  13. WOW! Make sure to hit me and the rest of the guy's up if and when you come back to SD. I deff am not going to VA hahahaha.

  14. Thanks man. I am good and haven't landed in trouble, but I did move back to VA. It's soooo cold here now. Wish I was riding back in SD.

  15. Haven't seen you for awhile brotha! Hope your terrorist acting hasn't been to convincing LOL :)