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  1. Sorry for delay. I got home with not Internet. New lines being installed due to development across the street. 

    Huge thanks to all our volunteers. Sweep teams, Support Vehicles and camp volunteers did a great job. 

    Pre registration was really light, probably due to weather concerns, but lots of walk ins. 

    Conditions turned out to be FANTASTIC!

    Food was amazing.

    Our sponsors gave us great support providing us with nice raffle prizes.

    Escondido BMW, Moto Forza, San Diego BMW, Veys Powersports, Motoworld of El Cajon, GP motorcycles, Temecula Motorsports, Rocky Mountain ATV, Cycle Gear, Escondido Cycle Center and Top Value Tire.

    People who decided not to show really did miss out. Everyone I talked to said the conditions made for the best riding they had done in the desert ever. They experienced light snow to amazing sand conditions. I myself was very jealous as I was driving my truck down fish creek. 

    Thank you to all my volunteers and to all who participated. The businesses I visited commented that it must of been Dualsport day. They commented on how great the Dualsport people are

    I really hope to see everyone next year as we plan to dial it up and make more improvements.

    Thanks again. 


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    Huge thanks to Huntndogs, his wife and the instructor Phil. Huntndogs and his wife for doing so much in hosting this event and making it so nice.

    Phil did a great job as the instructor and I learned a lot. 

    Thank you to the volunteers who showed up. Knowing most of our crew is certified and up to date with basic cpr/ first aid is a good feeling. 

    Phil told me that our group was a great group and really paid attention. 

    Even my son who bitched and moaned because I "Made Him" go was happy he went and thanked me for taking him. We even made his Basketball tryouts after.

    We will try to do this as an annual event.

    Thanks again to everyone!

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    Our Desert Dash route was turned down. New rules, environmental concerns, interim  superintendent.  The park officials had a meeting today and I received a call from the officer who is handling our permit. They approved us. She went to bat for us because of our past history and compliance to the park rules. This could of affected our routes for years to come.   We are a great club/ community and it pays off to be respectful of the Parks and officials. We had a discussion about trail maintenance, desert days and opening new trails. She did mention that there are new areas being surveyed and that she would bring these things up to the new Superintendent when he/she gets placed in office.  I hope she takes me up on the offer and we can do more in the future!

    Thank you guys for being a great community

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  4. Sun Feb 10 - 8:00 am

    This will be a 8 hr Certified CPR Class with instruction on Trauma we may run into related to riding Motorcycle's

    $15 per person. This will cover your books, certificate and card. CPR Card will be good for 2 years. Great deal thanks to the instructor Huntndogs Bro in Law and in Law enforcement. 

    This will be held at Huntndogs house in Santee. We have capped attendees to 20 since it is at his house. Thank you to Huntndogs for helping to put this on. We will give out the address when we are closer to the event.

    For any of the SDAR sweep crew or chase vehicle crew that are helping at the Desert Dash, I will cover your cost for the class. If you can please attend and thank you for your help.

    Since we are limiting I need to give preference to the Desert Dash sweep/ chase crew- then supporting members- members. We will need a head count so we can order the books and certificates. Deadline to be in will be Feb 5

    We will also have a bbq and refreshments.

    Who is in and participating as of now

    Advbum + Son



    Bson2or4 + Wife

    Dstss + Son





    Imswiney56 + Wife


    Thank you

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  5. Club meeting followed by Desert Dash volunteer meeting....

     I am scheduling the meeting at 

    Rockin Baja Lobster

    8223 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126 - Next to where Callahan's used to be

    Meeting time is 6-8  Thurs 1-24-2019

    Happy hour is 3-7 so you can get an hour 6-7 in with food and drink. I am working a discount on top of that.

    Date - Need to firm that up. Dont know how much notice people need. 

    Lots of people asking about this so I wanted to get it out there.


    Thank you