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  1. dezertracer230

    Descanso to Slash X Cafe (Barstow)

    Rattlesnake canyon was not bad. the breaking bumps from all the UTVS kinda sucks. surprisingly not much water. There is a gate just out of desert hotsprings but the route up the canyon is legal BLM open routes. super easy to go around the gate. Camprock road is paved for a few miles.
  2. dezertracer230

    Descanso to Slash X Cafe (Barstow)

    I haven't had any issues yet. This was my first time with this mount. before It was in the same place with a clear rubber box around it.
  3. dezertracer230

    Descanso to Slash X Cafe (Barstow)

    Highway Dirtbike's Rally lite faring. The rest of it I made myself.
  4. Solo ride from my house to Barstow. Super fun 220 Miles. Great weather and no issues. Attached are some photos and screen shots from the GoPro. Enjoy!
  5. dezertracer230

    Hi from Descanso

    I do have the trail tech fan kit. plus the Highway dirtbikes rally lite kit. About to be street legal.
  6. dezertracer230

    Hi from Descanso

    I'm new to this forum. Born and raised in Alpine. Raced D38 back in the good old Fud days as a kid. After living in Barstow for 6 years I have been doing more long distance rides. I have a 2012 CRF450X and look forward to doing some rides down here now that I have moved back.