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  1. Chief Gunner

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    I have 1 of these kits that is unopened and one I used for my 990. I Only used 1 shim on my rear exhaust right side of my 990 if I remember right 🤔 Pro X Valve Shim Kit 10.00mm OD 1.85-3.20mm for KTM 950 Adventure S 2004-2006 ProX Valve Shim Kit KTM XC4/LC4/LC8/Husaberg Made using a specific heat-treatment to ensure hardness for maximum durability and less wear Precision machined to match exact size Inexpensive and easy replacement for expensive OEM shims Kit includes 10.00mm o.d. shims in three of each size from 1.85mm to 3.20mm in .05mm increments Fits newer KTM XC4/LC4/LC8 (450/530/690/990) single cam engines found on EXC/XC-W/LC4/LC8 and Husaberg machines $74 at AOMC
  2. Chief Gunner

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    Lol; your video is great BTW. Chris put the Rottweiler Performance carb kit on it so it’s pretty easy getting things out of the way. I remember having to drain the coolant and disconnecting the radiator hoses to tilt it out of the way so I could change the front cylinder spark plug and coil on my 990…it looks like I’ll have to do the same on this one too.
  3. Chief Gunner

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    Thanks ! I have the cj designs locking bolt and a shim kit 😎 I did my 990 once about six years ago at 14k with some help when I was over in Spain, Its been awhile since I dove in on an LC8. The Main reason I’m doing it is that I don’t know when it was last done on my 950SE and I want to see if I can reduce some of the top end clatter / noise and smooth her out a little. My Bike has 23k on it. My 990 started sounding the same way and a valve job and a good tune up did the trick on her.
  4. I’ll be doing the valves and replacing the cam chain tensioners, doing an oil, spark plug and coil change out as well and some other work on my 950 SE on Saturday the 26th of June. I’ve got more than enough of the needed tools to handle just about any job needed on the big KTMs and I also have more shims, jets and special tools than I’ll probably ever need. I have the 950 /990 KTM shop repair manual as well. 1090/1190&1290’s welcomed too of course😉 I am confident I can do the valves and tensioners but I’m also mature enough to know that having an experienced second, third or even fourth set of eyes and people around who have done this before is a great way to make sure it’s done right. If you might need to get some things done on your LC8 you’ve been putting off and want to get it done we’ll turn the tunes on, fire up the grill and smoker and get to work while we plan some rides. I have enough room to easily get 5-6 bikes in the garage and parking for others very close by. There is a cycle gear and KTM dealership and many parts & stores nearby for needed bike essentials. I’m in Temecula these days, right off of the 15 at Winchester Rd. ( Harveston Lake Community) If you might be interested just shoot me a PM Aaron
  5. Chief Gunner

    SDAR BBQ Informal Meeting and Sendoff 4/27

    I would like to come by if that’s ok.
  6. So I need to get a VIN verification on the 950SE here in CA so I have it in hand when I go to the DMV to register it. The bike was previously registered here but it lived in AZ so the title needs to be switched over to me so a VIN verification has to be done. One thing that bothers me is that the engine number is hidden behind the side stand relocation mounting bracket and it can’t be seen as it is 🥺. I think I might be ok if I make a video and take the skid plate and kickstand off and take pictures of it to show the verification person so I don’t have to drop the skid plate and take the kickstand off in front of them. Everything is legit (Insurance & Title) so I’ll ask if Anyone here knows someone or Place that would work with me on that? Thanks
  7. Chief Gunner

    SDAR BBQ Informal Meeting and Sendoff 4/27

    Hoping to have the Beast registered and done this week so I can swing by.
  8. Thanks for a Great weekend Chris; I Love riding and seeing places I've never been before. It seemed like I kept letting myself get distracted and got lost in trying to memorize things and trying to let it soak in more than I should have instead of wanting to "Rail It'. It definitely made me allot slower than I usually ride when I am by myself. You would have lost me for sure a few times if I wasn't riding the 990; She's a Champ!..She made it easy to catch up everytime I slipped into ADD / "So Pretty " mode LOL.
  9. Been too Long since I hosted one and I've missed my friends here at SDAR so I wanted to do one before I ship out for the new job in Spain in a month or so. I'll be firing up the Grill and the Smoker and the cooler will be full around 11 or 12'ish. The 990 needs an oil change and I need to install a new "Euro" headlight I just got from BDCW so I figured "Why Not". Since the 990 is my only transportation these days there's plenty of room for Bikes in the garage and in the driveway. There's Plenty of parking on the street too if you want to unload from a truck and then park it. The new place is much smaller than the old house but has plenty of room for company (nice sized patio & Garage). I've got just about enough tools to work on just about anything and I have high speed wifi in the garage for tech resourcing. If you need a tune or just wanna swing by and say hi that's good too. Feel free to bring what you like as far as eats and beverages if you'd like. just PM me and I will reply with my new address and cell #.
  10. Chief Gunner

    KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

    5 Months has passed since I bought the 990. I Love the Bike but not happy with the Service there. Not one follow up call from Vey's so as far since I bought it and they never seem to stock even the most basic parts for what they sell. The one time I brought the bike there for it's 1st 600 mile service I got nothing but attitude from one of the mechanics even after I showed him and I told him this was not my 1st bike and I know what the hell I was doing..... As I'm concerned I am done with them! I'm Taking My Money, My Experience, My Business and My Bike Elsewhere from now on.
  11. Chief Gunner

    KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

    The 1190's were not available yet when I pulled the trigger and bought the 990 Baja. I am waiting on word to see if I landed an Overseas Job in Rota Spain...If I get it you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be taking My 990 with Me and I'll be Riding Europe and Africa too; Which is why I've been dumping some much $ into it because it's much more expensive to prep a bike over there than it is here. If I don't land the job then there's still the US, Canada, Alaska, Central and South America to ride
  12. Chief Gunner

    KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

    Right On! CHEERS! Let's Ride sometime Guy's B)/> I Love how the 530 feels like a BMX bicycle "Weapon" after riding the 990 I'll be showing up on some rides soon, been away too long and need to get both of My bikes dirty and ride with Old SDAR friends again...Because;
  13. Chief Gunner

    KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

    "BTW, budget for a new front wheel. Mine's a mess, Riggah taco'ed his. It's just a matter of time, and, more important, place. But it WILL happen." Yeah I've been told and warned; Gonna be hard for a little while while I keep dumping so much $ into two bikes but I know the time will come cause I like to let it rip too My other "Project", the "Bling" 530 Funny thing Paul; You are like the 4th 990/950 Owner & Rider I know that has a 530 too...they are like "peas & carrots", having one each is the best of both worlds LOL
  14. Chief Gunner

    KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

    Hey Craig / "Crusty" it's been awhile Bro Even though I've got the two Orange Bikes I am still keeping an eye out for a decent late 90's CR500. Once I get done finishing up on the two bikes I already have I will be looking for another CR500...you know how it is once you've had a couple of Five Hundies...they stay in your Blood Paul; Thanks for the Offer. I'll be going with the "R" set up on the 990. I've ridden an S and an R and I prefer the "R" set up. I'm 6'2" and pretty solid myself and I know I'll be riding her harder as I get more used to her off road. She's gonna get flogged hard and taken care of like all my bikes I'll be having the suspension specs done to my preference at Superplush as soon as I have the cash on hand ; The mono and forks are coming off and getting shipped to them & won't be too long. I will need some help setting up the sag & preload and figuring out all the adjustments for solo, two up and loaded when I get it dialed in. I will also be doing the high fender mod too. I've got the parts on the way(white 690 SM fender) and I'm having custom brake lines built for the front by the same guy who built all of my brake lines for my VMax, they will be set up "right". I've always liked the Big KTM's & choosing the paths and roads less traveled
  15. Chief Gunner

    KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

    I bought one back in May at Vey's in Lemon Grove (traded in My '08 450SXF for a down on it); I Got just about 3k on the odo and Loving it. I've Already been modding it out like crazy (addressing the known Achilles Heels with these bikes) and getting Her ready for some long Epic rides Here's what I've done so far; Scotts Steering Stabilizer with BRP Top Clamps Black Dog Cycle works side stand relocation kit Added cooling fan to the right side of the radiator (Black Dog Cycle Works) DNA Air filter Factory Fork Bleeders Machined Anodized Orange Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder (the OEM ones are plastic junk) Touratech Skid plate Battery tender installed Rear master cylinder guard Over sized black KTM factory brake pedal Hepco & Becker Pannier Racks with Gobi cases Orange Bling KTM valve stem caps (with shradder valve removal tool built in) Frame Guards These are on the way; Uni Foam Pre-Filter (snorkel will be removed) Touratech Adventure steel headlight guard Euro headlight upgrade / conversion Rear axle slider kit with anodized orange blocks and axle puller Shorty Anodized Orange FP Racing levers Rear rotor shark fin (Zipty Racing) Scotts SS re-usable oil filter Oversized KTM Factory kickstand base The Last Mods I plan are; Charcoal Canister Removal and installing the Block off plates I already bought Akrapovich Exhaust and Re mapping Super Plush Suspension conversion to Dakar Specs