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  1. Leoffensive

    SDAR meeting 3-22 Escondido

  2. I might try to make this since I missed today's noob ride
  3. Yea only saw 1 other person on the trail. I need a more comfy seat on the drz though. Gel seat hurts after a while lol
  4. Lol so I misread the date and though this was today. Lol I waited at the cul de sac for like 15 minutes before going solo up pine creek(14s02 or 3). Finishing up breakfast in Santa ysabel now. It was a perfect day.
  5. I'm sad to hear about the bartender. I'm assuming I missed this ride?
  6. Leoffensive

    just got a 60csx

    Thanks yea i thought i got the ca topo map 2011 but i cant figure out how to get it on my 60csx
  7. Leoffensive

    just got a 60csx

    trying to figure out how to get a map for it. just downloaded basecamp and a free map that says california topo 2011 to see if i can figure it out. also gonna try to search on here any help figuring it out would be awesome.
  8. Leoffensive

    Moon Ride - Friday Aug 8th

    i think jim at martins has a night ride in the desert tomorrow night. hit him up. on another note im finally ready to order an led for the drz ive decided on this bad boy http://olympusoffroad.3dcartstores.com/60W-Pro-11-Single-Row_p_21.html
  9. Yea best to avoid this area if possible for the next 2-3 days
  10. just started oiling the roads today from stonewall mine to julian. we will be done on thursday so the roads will be kinda sketch for a bit for motorcycles.
  11. I just have the worst luck with any kind of electrical. I've messed up even the easiest of tasks involving electrical.
  12. Anyone here able to perform these tasks? I'm free Saturday and can get you some money and/or beer
  13. Leoffensive

    Failure to Launch

    I'd be down to ride with you if you get back into dual sport. I like to cruise easy roads
  14. Leoffensive

    Shop in Santee on prospect?

    Haha will do. I'm thinking of moseying in there tomorrow after work.