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  1. Ride report here: https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/arizona-a-week-riding-some-favorite-twisties-plus-some-dirt.1731153/
  2. that's excellent news! thank you so much for the information. walt
  3. Leaving middle of April for 2 weeks +/- solo slabing in Baja. Been several times slab/dirt on my WRR but this trip will be on a heavier bike (Tuareg). The only off tarmac section I'd like to take to avoid the chaos of Ensenada is the road from V. Trinidad to Colonet. Hopefully the mud puddles will be dried up but I"m not keen on sand on the big bike, especially solo. Read some reports through web search that the section near Celito Lindo hotel has some sand. If that's the case, I'll just suck it up and go around. Will be overnighting at Hotel Paraiso as I want to finally ride the Observatory road before continuing South. Thank you.
  4. Dumbness; I might have applied that to your video showing the "drop-fest" on the Cross-Over road from Valle de Trinidad to Mex 1/San Vincente.😀 I definitely would have turned around when seeing the carnage
  5. Haven't been up Oriflamme Canyon in 5-6 years. Looks like the trail has really deteriorated. The start off the S-2 wasn't nearly as much in a sandy wash, more of a real trail and the climb up the mountain wasn't as rocky and rutted. Was always a lot of fun on my WRR and usually did it as a loop coming back down Rodriquez. Kudos to you guys doing it on 500lb bikes.
  6. Excellent videos. I admire your skill and courage in taking a 500 lb motorcycle down Lippencott and up the hard way to Cerro Gordo.
  7. Never been. Going in a week or so. Is there heat available in the room's at Mike's Sky Ranch? thx.
  8. Thank you very much! look forward to exploring.
  9. Hi, I would like to explore the trails North of Ramona. A few questions; 1. Difficulty rating of: Lusardi, Black Mountain, Santa Ysabel, Black Canyon South of Sutherland, Guejito TT 2. I see from google maps that Lusardi and Black Mountain run into Mesa TT at the Northern end. Is there access to Mesa TT or is it gated because of the Indian Reservation? 3. Any intel and other trail suggestions in the area, routing directions etc... greatly appreciated. thank you.
  10. Any thoughts on where the ride will start?
  11. wallycycle

    hidden trails ride

    (Disclaimer: I've never ridden Thyng Valley) FYI not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but; I was doing a road ride on Thursday (yesterday) on Sunrise Hwy and the gate at the top of Thyng Valley road which is visible from the highway was closed. Maybe you guys/gals know that there is an easy way around it? Also there are a few inches of slushly snow on the ground in the shady parts that will add to the fun. If most of the 80 miles is dirt?, I may convince myself to get my ass out of bed early in Murrieta and come down. Have fun!!
  12. Anyone know if the gate to North Main Divide road is open just North/East of Ortega? thank you!
  13. wallycycle


    Would like to know what you used for map resources to plan this ride? Great pics. Thx!

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