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  1. Mistress of the dual

    Dixie National Forest, Utah

    The cabin was fairly large with high end finishes. We had rented a smaller one but the owner made an error and double booked it so she gave us her bigger one for the price of the smaller one, score!! We turned the entire downstairs into our gear area. We have been using homeaway.com & VBRO.com to find vacation rentals for the past few years and it's worked out really well. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants someplace to stay other than camping or hotels.
  2. Mistress of the dual

    Summer Picnic ?

    If the BBQ is during the day you'll want to keep it somewhere close to the beaches. Ramona is bloody hot already this year. Alcohol is prohibited on all of San Diego's beaches, parks and public areas without a special permit according to the San Diego Municipal codes.
  3. Mistress of the dual

    Good news on my cancer. Battle on.

    I am so sorry you have had to go through such Hell. I am so happy you are here to tell the tale. Keep fighting!!!
  4. Looking for a shop in the north county coastal area for service, valve adjusting, etc for a Yamaha R6. Can anyone recommend a good shop? Thanks, Mistress of the Dual
  5. Mistress of the dual

    Bowers New Bike

    New bike With new helmet
  6. Bye bye DRZ , good luck in Baja. Hello new to me orange cool aid bike (pics soon).
  7. Mistress of the dual

    Change is in the air.

    Steve, you aren't done riding yet, kick cancer's ass!!
  8. Mistress of the dual

    14 Legs, 7 Wheels

    For those of you like me who can't get enough of Zina and Wayne's trip I found Alex's ride report on ADV. Here's the story from the Ural: Uraling The Great Divide
  9. Mistress of the dual

    AFry's Western Sierra Coastal Ride 8/3-8/11

    Thanks for posting your trip and helping me get through my workday. I am seriously jonesing for some motorcycle camping!
  10. Mistress of the dual

    Continental Divide

    Looking forward to reading your posts. Seriously, if you do not write for a living you should. Curious, is Lola tied into the sidecar? I'm thinking about getting a Ural in the future so I can take trips with the dog. I'd like to request lots of pictures of scenery and dogs on motorcycles.
  11. Mistress of the dual

    Anyone Want to Host BMW Rider from Germany ?

    I'm usually up for having strange bike riders stay at my house but right now you can barely get into guest room #1 because we are renovating guest room #2 and all of guest room #2's stuff is staying in guest room #1.
  12. Mistress of the dual

    Friends Hit a Deer

    Ugh....saw a freshly killed deer yesterday on Hwy 67 at 4:30am. One of my biggest fears while riding is suicidal deer. :wacko:/>
  13. Mistress of the dual

    Happy Birtday DSFOX

    Ack! How the heck did that happen? Mods please delete my multiple posts.
  14. Mistress of the dual

    Happy Birtday DSFOX

    Glad you had such a great birthday, you deserve it!!
  15. Mistress of the dual

    We missed a Birthday..Our own Misstress

    Thanks everyone. CID, I ride a bike just about everyday.