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  1. Awesome write up. Looked like a blast. And I know oh so well about falling in the snow. A inexpensive but time consuming answer to keep us riding year around here in Colorado.
  2. 13428 feet west of Denver. 20161001_110841.mp4
  3. Lots of riding.. Independent trail south of Colorado springs.
  4. Afry, I thought you we talking about your SE. I can only get 110mph to 4th Maybe it is only 104 mph it has been awhile since I ridden it .
  5. HVYWT

    Vietnam Vet Memorial in Colorado

    Bucket list. I will have to look for that,when I get my Bikes out here.
  6. HVYWT

    Meat and beer

    I have rode with you , thought you would of wheeled over the that stick and kept going. LOL. I know it doesn't look like much, but even for a fool like me it was a little much to bunny hop the 950 over. How's Colorado? I haven't even got my bikes here yet. Working like a fool.(60+ hours a week) Still getting snow.They say 1-2 feet Mothers Day. Met some locals that say the trails don't open for month or so, So I haven't really missed out on much here. But it been over 6 months since I threw a leg over a bike. That's just WRONG........... Doing well just miss riding at will. Never knew weather could last so long, and affect so much of what you can and can't do.
  7. HVYWT

    Meat and beer

    I have rode with you , thought you would of wheeled over the that stick and kept going.
  8. I took my SE on those tails. They are a bit of a work out. The last six miles on rear flat zip tied on.
  9. The 1st gate is CDF , but the 2nd is pvt (both by top) . Bottom gate is usually open/unlocked.
  10. HVYWT


    Just found out yesterday I live and work 5 min. from Thunder Valley MX Park. Happened to drive by and see some bikes riding, so stopped in for a minute...OK maybe a few. Need to get my bikes out here
  11. HVYWT

    pick me a new screen name

    A Name or two: AM Quickie Done by Noon :coolio:
  12. HVYWT

    The Best Bar in America

    Sad the thing I got from that video was tickling the bing carb. I guess that's because I haven't drank since 96...
  13. HVYWT


    Pretty Cool.....