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  1. is that the 350 with fuel-injection and linkage rear suspension, like Mike Alessi is racing in the outdoor series?
  2. Just had a plate and four screws removed from my ankle that I've had from a head-on at McCain's five years ago. that's way i hate to lead. would rather eat everyone's dust than lead. Both of my main riding buddy's have had a head-on at C.C. http://www.break.com/usercontent/2008/12/H...cle-616410.html this one is crfxer. when they have the work party to install the one-way signs I'll be the first to volunteer.
  3. i would like to join you guys, if it's OK. made the loop many times but not sure I've been to Fish Creek. you forgot the stop at the Iron Door.
  4. excer

    4/2 ride

    Black Chevy w/ 525 KTM, see you there.
  5. excer

    4/2 ride

    might be temped to join you. where are you meeting?
  6. i'm in, if that's OK. Just one set of Pics each before you guy's help me up this time. all right?