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  1. sandiegoland

    Dirt detour

    What were you riding? I only see a headlight!!
  2. Thanks gentlemen... fond memories of that crossing... don't think I ever saw it dry in the Winter.
  3. No water crossing that way anymore? or was it dry this time?
  4. Same lake, June 2005... Bishop, to Bodie, to Jackson.
  5. sandiegoland

    Huge Thanks to SandiegoLand

    You are most welcome Bum, and thanks for the comments and offers all. That moto has delivered us to a load of great places, and we hope it sees many safe miles ahead! Our final trip: http://2012utah1088.tumblr.com/
  6. Just a question... you said it was your custom message that went off? If the Spot II already has a covered Need Assistance button, why is your custom message set to sending out a "help" message? We used our OK for end of day, and custom for long breaks. FYI, our Spot II really requires a deep push. I don't have one of those cases, but I would have never expected that to activate that button, but good to know!
  7. sandiegoland

    2012 Thruxton

    I thought about Black Canyon today as Edward Bell led a group of 13 Adventure bikes on a local run. Repeat after me: NO! Eddie, No! It's NOT YOUR BIKE! They're going to learn about you at some point Eddie!
  8. sandiegoland

    2012 Thruxton

    Otay Mountain and Black Canyon are calling...
  9. sandiegoland

    Shoring up Truck Suspension

    That's the brand. Very useful on a road trip... but I also have fun with it around town. My little league truck has no tach, voltmeter, etc. This has that, plus trip meters, fuel consumption, miles to empty and so on. Plus the main purpose... to read out check engine codes.
  10. sandiegoland

    Shoring up Truck Suspension

    Yea, those tie-downs from the bars to the rear are just there to keep the bars from twisting from side to side, not load bearing.
  11. sandiegoland

    Shoring up Truck Suspension

    Any updates? Did you return the Timbrens? What shocks did you go with? How're the AALs working? Just got back... New shocks all around and a set of Super Springs did the trick. I could feel the extra weight on the lil' motor (duh), but the mods really did the trick on the handling (and unavoidable "dips"), allowing us to get off the interstate a few times and enjoy the secondary highways without concern. Another device that saved the trip was my Scan Gauge. We started to have a marginal TPS failure and it saved a lot of stress knowing what was popping that Check Engine indicator on occasionally.
  12. sandiegoland

    Shoring up Truck Suspension

    Well... the Timbrens were easy to install... just bolt in replacements... but they didn't line up over the axle correctly. Back in the box they go... too bad, the would've done the trick for the trip. Pondering my options again. UPDATE: Taking it over to Preston T&W in La Mesa this week to add a "Super Spring" leaf and replace the shocks. This will basically kick in an extra leaf when the bed is under load.
  13. sandiegoland

    Shoring up Truck Suspension

    After examining the photos I took of my truck with the bike loaded from last time (sitting basically level), I'm going to try out the Timbrens. No drilling the frame, no airlines to route. I should be able to pop them in pretty quick. Not what I would do for a new truck, but it should put my mind at ease at least for I-15 up and back. Just a little spring support over the big dips. Thanks for the tips. I do like the airbags too, but nothing beats getting the whole job done right if it's for serious off-road or trailering.