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19 minutes ago, Bagstr said:

Covered in 70's Style,

You really are a Bad influence my friend. Lately, I have been entertaining myself with " Old's Cool ";  S90, CB160, CB350, CB450.  I attended El Cajon High School, so only could afford a 160.  Coincidentally, my best bike ever, Ha!  We could start a Summer Riding Club with old 60's and 70"s bikes.

 Bagstr - Lost in the 60's

I’ll have a couple of nice 500/550’s for sale soon. You’d get the buddy price.


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  You Know that is an enticing option.  I have been following up my " Old's Cool " reading with membership in the Honda Twins website. Knowing it is crazy to spend " real " money on 45 year old hardware, there is a good deal of entertainment to be had.


  That '68 era chrome gas tank on a 72ish 350/450  would be fun to my eye.  My sweet spot nostalgia is a little older than most.

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