100s MC National Hare and Hound 50th Anniversary

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The NHHA final 21-22 OCT 2017 is the 50th Anniversary 100s MC Race. Ty Davis is the Marshall and they will have a big tent /museum on with old machines and legend riders on display.

This is traditionally one of the best Nats on the calendar. If you want to challenge your desert riding skill......this is good one to do. Many choices many classes 1,2 or 3 loops. My friend and former Nat 50A number one is re-beginning his career as a 125 rider and will debut his 2018 season race bike , a ZipTy Racing custom Husky TC(TX)125.

And if you want to spectate 'lots to see, plus the hi-dez is wide open for biz.

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100'sMC always puts on a fun and challenging race where riders can roll the whole course and anyone can finish. Great opportunity to try D37 desert racing. Weather is usually perfect for this race too.

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