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  1. Calling all Big Bear pros

    You might want to try Seven Oaks Mountain Resort. It's about 40 miles from Big Bear off of route 38, all pavement. They have great hamburgers, chicken & beer. They are on Seven Oaks Road, in Angelus Oaks. Also you will pass Onyx Summit, which is highest highway in southern California at 8.5k ft. Please call to verify they are open on Friday's. 909 794-2917. Have a good ride.
  2. Motorcycle Hauler / Rack

    I have a discount ramps for many years without any issues. http://www.discountramps.com/motorcycle-carrier/p/AMC-400/ More importantly is the quality of your tie downs, as that will be your first failure point. I have seen many people use really cheap or damaged tie downs on a brand new bike only to be sorry. Invest in an Ancra tie down or similar high quality and when the tie down begins to show wear, replace it.
  3. Nothing like starting the week with a Monday ride. Heading to OW with a friend, if anyone wants to join. Meet around 9:00 AM on Main Street. Planning 80 to 100 mile Grand Tour of Anza Borrego. Gas up in Borrego Springs and grab a quick taco or hamburger. Friendly pace and difficulty will be relaxed. PM me if you would like to join us and meet some new riders. Also bring your GPS and I can share some tracks.
  4. I'll take the 18" paddle, maybe a future trip to Glamis, PM sent
  5. I thought you might be interested in this article: The EcoHelmet is made entirely of cardboard, folds up accordion-style to about the size of a banana and is compact enough to fit in a laptop bag. Don't know if it could pass DOT/SNELL impact resistance testing for a future motorcycle application, but for an urban casual bicyclist, nice concept! http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/10/04/foldable-bike-helmet-offers-recyclable-protection.html
  6. Will be in Big Bear this weekend riding. Meet early Saturday morning and ride all day for about 80 to 90 miles. I have multiple types of rides depending upon the group's experience/preferences. Generally we can do some hard trails in the morning, then some woods/single track and finish with some high speed easy fire-gravel roads. Also mix in a quick burger and gas stop mid-day. Going up Friday morning, if anyone wants to meet for drinks/dinner Friday night and plan our route. If you have a GPS, bring it and I can download a route or we can make it up as we go. Let me know and we can set a meeting location.
  7. I would skip Big Bear. Was there last weekend. Saturday was cold in the morning, but warmed up. Sunday was cold/windy and 6" of snow. The lower elevations should be fine, but the higher & shady elevations will have snow/ice
  8. Tube tools

    You might want to consider a CO2 inflator that also includes an integrated hand pump. Most of the hand pumps are able to add that additional small amount of air to "top off" your tire, and should you run out of cartridges, you can always pump it by hand, but it will take some time!.
  9. Just got the tracks for the Easy, Hard and Adventure routes, a route for all types of abilities and bikes!!! Saturday night's banquet at the Big Bear Convention center Many, many more give-a-ways this year at the banquet! More vendor displays this year in the parking lot! Sunday's ride is relaxing and scenic, go at your own pace! Promises to be a great event!
  10. Heading up to BB for a Saturday day ride. This will not be a "difficult ride", this is an intermediate ride, no major hills or rocks. In the desert we will encounter some sand and some whoops. About 94.4 miles total. For the 1st track we will go counter-clockwise and start from 2N02 thru to Viscera Springs, thru Rattlesnake to the desert. For Saturday it's supposed to top out at 90F, but we will be going thru early so it will be cooler. 33.5 miles. For the 2nd track we will then head west towards the cement factory and parallel the backside of the Lucerne/BB (San Bernadino) mountain range into Lucerne. 20.7 miles. A quick burger and gas up. For the 3rd track we will continue heading west and go up Grapevine Canyon into the mountains. We will then take 3N97 into Big Pine Flat campground. 24.6 miles For the 4th track, we have 2 choices(both are 15.6 miles) 1. The easy is 3N16 into Poligue Canyon road to the 38 2. The harder(it's not hard) is the Coxey Truck trail into 3N12 around Delamar mountain into Poligue Canyon road to the 38 See attached for Google overview. Bring your GPS and cable. PM me if you are interested. Click here to Reply or Forward
  11. Reasons Why You Dirt Bike/Dual Sport?

    Way Cool, Steve! Planning an epic Utah ride late September/early October to catch the fall foliage, you in?
  12. So let's hear it Is it the speed/risk, the exercise, the being in nature, the technical challenge, the staying off roads, or is it spiritual? How would you rank them? I suppose it's a combination of many for most. #1 for me it's the camaraderie I share with people talking, living & of course riding dirt bikes