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  1. Please come and join us for our 16th Annual Desert Dash.

    We have added an additional route for those who do not want to do Pinyon trail (aka, The Squeeze and Heart Attack Hill). The optional route will go down Diablo Dropoff.

    We have a great new caterer and we will be offering a choice of Chicken or Steak with side choices.

    More Sponsors with more raffle prizes this year.






    2019 SDAR FLYER final'.pdf

  2. Moto Forza's photo.

    Holiday Party at Moto Forza by Ducati Owner's Club of San Diego

     · Hosted by Moto Forza
      Tomorrow at 4 PM – 8 PM
      Tomorrow · 4670°F Mostly Cloudy
      Moto Forza
      1220 W Washington Ave, Escondido, California 92029
      Hosted by Moto Forza
      Typically replies within a day

  3. Webmaster was working on the site. He backed the site up before working. There were problems and the new info was lost when he had to return to the back up. The site is in the process of being moved, translated from one computer language to another and updated with new look and feel. There is a lot going on and things may happen in the process. These changes were all necessary things that had to be done. Sorry for any inconvienence.



    This is a perfect example of thread Hijacking!  This is getting out of control. This happens so much with these little side distractions that take on a life in a posted thread that makes people not want to go back to said post because it is so full of garbage. People PLEASE STOP Hijacking others threads!

  5. DSM8 has graciously offered to host a bike tech day at his house in Escondido on Sat Dec 22. This is an event so that people can do maintenance on their bikes with the help and direction of their peers who are more experienced or for those who have just been procrastinating and looking for a reason to do something. Also a good excuse to meet other members and socialize!

    Waste oil can be collected and held on site. Please bring the tools and parts needed to work on your project. 

    We will have a BBQ going with non- alcoholic beverages provided. If you wish to bring something to share at the lunch that would be great.

    DSM8 did not specify a time so I will let him chime in on what would work for him.

    Please chime in if you are coming and if you will be bringing something.

    The location would be 925 Chardonney Way,  Escondido 92029

  6. I couldn't sleep. Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving. I am fortunate to be spending it with my wife and kids. I hope all who read are able to spend this Thanksgiving with family, loved ones and friends. So many things to say I am thankful for in life and one of those is thankful for all the good people I have met through SDAR/ dualsport community. 




    My son has Basketball tournaments every weekend in Dec. My wife is off either the Weekend of the 8th or 22nd, so I could do those two sat. I could do Sat the 15th but I would have to leave early to try and get my son to the tournament. 22nd would be best for me, but may be to close to Xmas for some.  Let me know!


    Yes, Thanks to all who showed. It was a great turnout overall. We could always have more SDAR folks.

    We had a few people start at the end of Ranger.



    Tom left the super tenere at the start of 11. We both then rode on the quad down trail 11 to the Ranger bypass.




    Only have one before. Tom and I have a pretty good routine down so we proceeded to get to work. 



    Burgers and refreshments after.


    This was most of the trash collected from the trails.


     Eighty One people showed between the clubs. Rangers were very pleased by all the trail maintenance and trash collection. They even asked me if we wanted to try and open/ cut another trail. Lets keep up the good work. It is this type of efforts that will get us more trails.


    Thanks again!





    I have been talking to spot about their plans and I have been comparing. To me it seems they are running very close in price. They both have the flex plans so the service can be shut down if not in use.  I dont know if one device works better than the other. Spot does have an additional SARS insurance that seems good. 

    Inreach does have the mini out. 

    I am curious if the Spot X can communicate with the InReach?