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    Yes, Thanks to all who showed. It was a great turnout overall. We could always have more SDAR folks.

    We had a few people start at the end of Ranger.



    Tom left the super tenere at the start of 11. We both then rode on the quad down trail 11 to the Ranger bypass.




    Only have one before. Tom and I have a pretty good routine down so we proceeded to get to work. 



    Burgers and refreshments after.


    This was most of the trash collected from the trails.


     Eighty One people showed between the clubs. Rangers were very pleased by all the trail maintenance and trash collection. They even asked me if we wanted to try and open/ cut another trail. Lets keep up the good work. It is this type of efforts that will get us more trails.


    Thanks again!





    I have been talking to spot about their plans and I have been comparing. To me it seems they are running very close in price. They both have the flex plans so the service can be shut down if not in use.  I dont know if one device works better than the other. Spot does have an additional SARS insurance that seems good. 

    Inreach does have the mini out. 

    I am curious if the Spot X can communicate with the InReach?


    The fastest and best system is to have one person with a cordless trimmer along with someone with loppers go ahead on the trail while someone follows and clears the debris from the trail. I can deliver the loppers and trimmers on the quad to the locations with the quad. 

    I am trying to find some cordless trimmers on CL. If people have some that we can use that would be great.

  4. I received an invite for early entry to the "Links at Petco".  It is an event where they set up a 9 hole "course" in Petco. You hit from the stands and try to hit the holes on the field. 

    I would make a foursome if we had members that were interested. 

    Cost is $75 a person. You get the course and a commemorative hat.

    I would need to know quickly as these usually sell out.