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    Senate Appropriations Package Includes Measure to Allow Recreational Trails Program to be eligible for additional funding.
    Urge your Senator to support Senator Amy Klobuchar's (D-MN) amendment to the four-bill spending package (H.R. 6147), under consideration on the Senate floor this week. The package combines four appropriations bills for federal programs in fiscal 2019: Agriculture, Transportation and Urban Development, Financial Services, and Interior-Environment.
    Senator Klobuchar is a strong champion of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), and has filed an amendment to the spending package that would allow the RTP, as well as all Transportation Alternatives programs, to be eligible for additional funding.  RTP projects, which have always been eligible for use of other state surface transportation funds, are specifically denied eligibility for funds added under the 2018 appropriations omnibus signed into law in March, 2018. This amendment is designed to remove that unfair restriction.
    The Senate is voting on H.R. 6147, and it is imperative that ARRA members express support to their Senators for the Klobuchar amendment today.
    Take Action! Send a letter encouraging your representative to support H.R. 6147.



  2. CORVA-alert.png

    Help Save Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area!


    We need our members to contact their representatives to oppose SB 1316, which will be heard Monday morning in the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

    We also need people to contact the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to express their opposition to SB 1316. The list of members of the committee and the letter from our lobbying coalition is attached for people to use to craft their own comments.



    Thank you,



    Fees are something that  turned me off of the Inreach.  I want to see how well the Spot works, but it definitely has my interest.

    All annual plans are subject to a $19.95 activation fee. No charge applies to changing to a more inclusive annual plan; a $24.95 fee applies to changing to a less inclusive annual plan.

    Enrollment in Freedom plans is subject to a $24.95 annual fee. A Freedom plan's minimum term is 30 days. New 30-day minimum applies to changed Freedom plans. No charge applies to changing a Freedom plan. Service can be suspended 1 month at a time at no charge. User retains access to inReach data stored on the Garmin Explore portal while account is suspended. Selected plan auto-renews monthly unless user changes account selections in the Garmin Explore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  4. Thrilled to see this. I have been looking at all the different options for the last year or so. I hope this unit works well. I would love to get some real life experience and opinions of this product.  I wonder what the lag time is between messages.  Did this product just come out?