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  1. Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30

    Thank you to all who came out. It was a great send off and showing of support. Great stories and true admiration for a really good guy. Christie shared that Arnie's wish was not to be buried, but to have his ashes spread. He asked to have some ashes spread at Coyote Cal's and Mike's. She asked if we could help with that. I will get the details. After the celebration Jim and I rode out to Oak Grove campground and camped the night with a few street riders from a camping meet up. Good times. An overnight adventure is better none, get out there people! Thanks again
  2. free misc parts/gear

    Sounds like others need them. I am out. Thank you
  3. Loaded the bike and myself up this morning and headed out. I went out Del Dios to San Pasqual valley up to Ramona. I stopped by All American and happened to see RJ before the shop is cleaned out. He is moving to Colorado. I filled the tanks in Ramona and headed out. Started with Upper Santa Ysabel road. Mesa Grande out to Palomar Truck trail Headed up to the top where I was surprised with the fire tower gate open. I have never been up there. You are actually above the Observatory Drank a couple for Arnie and enjoyed the views Headed back down. I took the trail that dumps out at the RV park in Aguanga. That is a nice long dirt trail. Hit the streets and boogied my way home from temecula. I would like to find some dirt starting in Temecula and goes to Fallbrook. That would of made it perfect. Great day all in all. Good variety of Road and trail to throw the big bike around in.
  4. Thinking it would be nice to do a ride in the morning as part of the Celebration of Arnie. I am open to suggestions. I feel it should not be that technical as many will be on bigger bikes and we do have to make it to the Fair Grounds later.
  5. Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30

    I am committing to the camping on Sat night. Looking sexy! I will be at the Fairgrounds early to scope out parking. I hope some of you decide to come out to both the Celebration, but also the ride/ camp.
  6. BLM has asked for Volunteers to help revamp the Lark Canyon camping area at McCain valley on Saturday morning starting at 9:00 am. They need help with things like putting together picnic tables and such. They will provide the tools necessary. I know sat will be unavailable to some, but anyone who can go and assist would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Doc Holliday is Gonna Be Famous

    Nice start to the adventure. Congrats!
  8. Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30

    I think many will be meeting at Packards at 11:30 to ride in together. I was thinking that maybe I should go over to the fair grounds early and see about a good spot for all the bikes for the photo. Are you bringing your supplies with you on the bike or is someone driving in as well?
  9. Sure, I could use it. Thank you.
  10. free misc parts/gear

    If someone does not NEED the free boots. I will take them. Good for buddy boots or when people come into town unprepared. Great deal on the newer pair!
  11. I went out to check the double exhaust that I removed to see if I had one lying around and they did not have any on them. I checked the single on the bike and nothing on there either. I guess I will be ordering some as well.
  12. We are having some shirts made up for SDAR. Looking for input on whether you like it and how many would want one to help me in knowing how many to order on this run. These are cotton Gildan shirts. $17 Supporting Members $20 Non Supporting Members add $2 for XXL and up sizes $6 S&H local - combine S&H for multiple or we can arrange a meeting Message me your order Thank you
  13. SDAR DS Evolution shirts- sale/ input

    Thanks Paul. Not something I want to do there, and I will be riding the bike.
  14. SDAR DS Evolution shirts- sale/ input

    Shirts are in. Prices in original post Thank you
  15. Maybe an afternoon ride after the celebration? Any good local camping spots for a quick overnight/ campfire ride?
  16. I am saddened to pass this along. Afry - Arnie passed away last night at the Flat track race. He was doing something he loved. Apparently suffered a heart attack at the track. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and this site. My condolences go out to his family and many friends he had. RIP Arnie! https://www.facebook.com/Arniefry
  17. Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30

    I will be there. Riding in.
  18. until
    Afry - Arnie Fry Celebration of Life 9/30 Please come out and celebrate with friends and family. Ramona Fairgrounds located at 421 Aqua lane at 12 noon.
  19. We have another SDAR Padres night coming up on WED Aug 30 at 6:10. This should be an almost sold out night as we are playing the San Francisco Giants. We have a bunch of seats together all within the first 4 rows at the left field wall. Supporting members $25 (first priority) Non supporting members $30 I will close the offer a week before the game.
  20. SDAR Padres night - WED 8-30

    Good night. Lots of action but none of us caught a homerun ball. Thanks to Crawdaddy& wife as well as Unclechamp & friend for coming out to the game.
  21. Off to Ridaho - Thanks SDAR!

    Sorry to see you go Seth. Nice knowing you. Lots of people migrating to Idaho. I hope you stay connected to SDAR.
  22. I have some size 8's as well.