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  1. How much beer for the wheel chock and the rear 18's
  2. We need to have a meeting. Club meeting get together, but also need to meet with volunteers for the upcoming Desert Dash. Meeting will be at 6:00 Wed Jan 17 -2018 Hamburger Factory Family Restaurant 14122 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064 https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hamburger+Factory+Family+Restaurant/@32.969544,-117.0368701,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x487e873a9f1ae0c4?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiZwJOp_dDYAhVW0mMKHWbTBH8Q_BIIhAEwCg This is the list of volunteers so far. It would be nice to have the volunteers there so we can go over the Dash and responsibilities Please let me know if you are not going to show, but are still interested in helping. Carguy DirtDame Cosmo Hacksawpete Dstss Bson2or4 Alyeska Uncle Champ Karlaeda JohhnyAirtime Thanks again
  3. ADV Bum

    SDAR stickers for sale

    We have SDAR stickers for sale. You can order and pay through paypal and send money to account Beachtowntile@msn.com until a store is set up. Prices- #1 Dye Cut $7 #2-#5 $3 #6 $4 If you order over $10 I will throw in a #7 or #8 (your choice) free while supplies last. Please make sure to include your mailing address. If you would put your Site Name as well as you True name I would appreciate it.
  4. The site has had an issue with no email notifications when you have a message. I had the IT people look into it and mine has been working again. How about you, working?
  5. until
  6. ADV Bum

    Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    Bump Original post with meeting information Thank you
  7. 17 Riders, That is a lot of people who did not post they were going. Awesome turnout!
  8. ADV Bum

    Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    If that is what will work with you, I am in. Thank you for offering to host the Tech Day!
  9. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsdvoyager.com%2Finterview%2Fmeet-randy-lazar-michael-grudek-san-diego-adventure-riders-san-diego-county%2F&h=ATOWAzh341dzVy597ccyXhvweVpIMEGxBZWjHYi3rF6DRoS4LnBWj9HadzbffInQRL4pJroxZybNOeZC-uSREOrM5gMWB3pW5T4N0rPs8TAtAxDbp3Ov6_8zwrhy2PJU_A-lMO9aD3n1S9HAmIMPM_C-zYzBEqcsLxH7ZGcZSR_DRzmJpHVJ2KB0Ou_jNNTJFIsdY8TCo7Bgj7sdVYfrIm72Ksqnsr0g3tE9dO281GyprgNMQR8Qa4TVmA_W3oK6q9nDRk44M6jZFIcFR2Z0gUAyJQ Good job Randy!
  10. ADV Bum

    Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    So I called and talked to The Hamburger Factory. I have reserved the smaller room for Wed Jan 17 at 6:00. Seems they are a popular place for group meetings. There is a large car club that will be in the larger room the same night. Hamburger Factory- Poway Wed Jan 17 6;00
  11. ADV Bum

    Posting in "for sale" thread

    I was on the site this morning admitting new members before you sent me a message. For some reason the site is not notifying when someone has been sent a message. I did respond to something this afternoon but was using a phone while doing other business (away from home & computer) and did not see anything in my box. I try to stay on top of everything but sometimes I cannot get to everything RiGHT AWAY! I do have to work to keep the doors open, sorry.
  12. ADV Bum

    Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    I have reached out and met with Mello several times. He has shown no interest in being part of SDAR. I do not wish to keep trying. Tomcats is more of an open bar it does not have the meeting space needed.
  13. Bump! We can always use more help. Sweeps
  14. Arnie's wish was to have some ash's spread at Coyote Cal's and Mike's Sky Ranch. Christie has decided that she does not want to go. I believe it will just be us riders heading down. Lets get a date that works for many so we can have a good turnout.
  15. I am filling out paperwork for the SDAR Charter. I could use some members that would be ok listed on our charter. You need to be a current AMA member. Please send me your info Full Name Mailing Address AMA # Phone # Thank you
  16. ADV Bum

    SDAR Charter - AMA Members request

    Thank you to all who have sent in their info. We can use some more to list as it will save us the fee to AMA. Thank you
  17. I have been contacted and asked if we would do a trail maintenance day at Corral Canyon. Trails need work and they need volunteer hours so the state can match them for the budget. Maintenance day will be Saturday December 9th. Meet at the 4 Corners Trailhead inside Corral Canyon at 9am. I will be out Friday night Dec 8th camping out, first choice is the upper campground at Bobcat Meadows, if that one is full, then the lower campground. CC Trail Map Google Earth LINK HERE Corral_Canyon_OHVA.bmp Hopefully we can have a good turnout Saturday morning the 9th. I will have the grill with burgers and dogs with an assortment of beverages. If you would like to bring out something for the potluck lunch/dinner it would be appreciated. Please come out and help! Alan Klumph Jim Martin Tom Moudry Ken Orman Pete Brian Long Van Lynch
  18. Ed Stovin was out on Ranger trail on Sat. He had brought paint to mark the trail. Congratulations on the baby!
  19. I showed up Fri night around 7. Very quiet all by myself. Worked on the signs for the next day. Tom working on the Trail. The trail looked fantastic after the maintenance! After the trail work we had a BBQ. I want to give a huge shout out to CYCLE GEAR for supplying giveaways. All volunteers received an Alpinestars hat as a thank you. Much appreciated the hard work everyone who showed put in. Hopefully we can expand this to twice a year and get more Shops and people involved. The members of SDAR are awesome! Thanks again.
  20. Just got home.Exhausted! I think we had 10 volunteers. Kicked butt on the trail maintenance. Pictures maybe tomorrow. Please post pics of the trails if you took them. Thanks again to all who showed, you guys/ gal were great.
  21. Updated list. Some have dropped while some more have joined. i Thank you. I am trying to head out soon.
  22. I am not a fan. Offered to have a meeting there for his new shop as he expressed interest in "being part of the community". Turned out to be a shop wanting me to send out email blasts to our members. We should support those that help support us not use us!
  23. Updated list first post. Please send info. Loppers will be the main tool needed. Bring them if you have them. I will be there Fri night. I would like to start around 9 am Sat. We will meet at Four Corners.