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  1. Please come out and check out Moto Forza's open house event. I know they have been working hard to get things ready for this. Moto Forza Open House and Ducati Season Opener Where- Moto Forza 1220 W. Washington Ave Escondido Ca 92029 When- Saturday March 3rd 9AM-6PM What- Ducati Demo rides, Husqvarna Product Launch, Food and More! Husqvarna will be displaying the new Vitpilen motorcycle. The only two touring N. America at this time. Any questions please call Kris Cordato Moto Forza kris@moto-forza.com Ph 760-746-6001
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  3. Someone left behind a cable and a combo lock. Please message me with location left and combo if yours and we can get it back to you.
  4. It was a good turnout. We did have some minor issues we had to overcome, but it all turned out well in the end. We had over 100 riders this year. Thanks to all who came out and and entered the event. Big thanks and appreciation to the volunteers who helped with the event. Some volunteers did not show so it was the smallest crew we had ever had. Sweep teams did a fantastic job sweeping the event and helping those who broke down. Tracy (as usual) made sure all the volunteers ate well over the weekend. Volunteers are the backbone of making the event run. The Sponsors were great this year. Veys, SD BMW, Escondido BMW, Moto Forza, GP Motorcycles, Moto World of El Cajon, NCY, Soth Bay Motorsports, Martins Motorcycle Specialties, Top Value Tire, Cycle Gear, Rocky Mountain ATV, Butterfield Ranch, SatModo. Please support those who help support us. I did not get to take a lot of pictures as I was busy with the Recovery vehicle and dealing with issues as they arose.
  5. viewing ads

    Can you guys please tell me if you are seeing ads on the site. Some people do and some dont. I would like to know what the percentages are. Thank you
  6. Looking to start a list of volunteers for the 2018 Desert Dash. Rescue vehicle- Drivers/ Volunteers Emt's Sweep Riders- Should have two loops so will need a few Gps downloads Registration List of people who volunteered - Please let me know if you are out Carguy DirtDame Cosmo Dstss Bson2or4 Alyeska Uncle Champ Karlaeda JohhnyAirtime Thank you
  7. There will be some site maintenance and upgrades done tonight around 7-8:00. Just wanted to let everyone know in case the site is down for any extended period of time. Thanks Mike
  8. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Thanks DSM8 for hosting the tech day again. Great to see the SDAR folk helping each other out! For Noobs - New people to DualSport/ motorcycle riding, these events are a great way to learn how to change a tire, tube, do general maintenance or upgrades.
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    Please come out and join us for our 15th Annual Desert Dash http://www.sandiegoadventureriders.com/DesertDash2018.pdf
  10. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Hey guys bumping this as it is coming up on Sat. Please give us an "In" if you plan on coming so we can plan and have enough food. Thank you
  11. Brought the baby home today!

    Nice bike. Is there any changes in the motor on the 2018 model? Does this share the same motor as the husqvarna 701?
  12. We have Dstss and crew sweeping one route / Ocotillo extended route. Kug, Van have committed to sweep the Borrego route. Cosmo was going to sweep with Kug, Van but I feel he has to much as we need to get the camp ready for Sat night (chairs/tables). If I could get someone else to commit to the Kug team that would be great.
  13. Getting closer! Saturday night Dinner is shaping up. BBQ / Smoked Boneless Pork ribs or BBQ Smoked Chicken Salad 3 sides ? Chili
  14. We will definitely have a meeting Fri night with the sweep. Seems like we will have the sweep covered. Thanks to all who are stepping up for the sweep. I need to know Shirt sizes for all volunteers. Also let me know if you want Long sleeve or short?
  15. Brian please let me know when you will be around next week. Thank you
  16. Veys Powersports

    Veys has always been a big supporter of SDAR and is greatly appreciated. Hopefully we will be doing more in the future. I did notice the BIkebandit logo on all the employees shirts last time I was in the shop. I thought maybe they partnered but did not ask-none of my business. Good for Robert as he seems very motivated to be a big part in the Adventure-Atv world.
  17. We have had some people drop out of our sweep positions. We do have Dstss and crew for one route. Please confirm if your are 100% in for sweep as I need to know who will cover the second route. Thank you
  18. How much beer for the wheel chock and the rear 18's
  19. We need to have a meeting. Club meeting get together, but also need to meet with volunteers for the upcoming Desert Dash. Meeting will be at 6:00 Wed Jan 17 -2018 Hamburger Factory Family Restaurant 14122 Midland Rd, Poway, CA 92064 https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hamburger+Factory+Family+Restaurant/@32.969544,-117.0368701,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x487e873a9f1ae0c4?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiZwJOp_dDYAhVW0mMKHWbTBH8Q_BIIhAEwCg This is the list of volunteers so far. It would be nice to have the volunteers there so we can go over the Dash and responsibilities Please let me know if you are not going to show, but are still interested in helping. Carguy DirtDame Cosmo Hacksawpete Dstss Bson2or4 Alyeska Uncle Champ Karlaeda JohhnyAirtime Thanks again
  20. SDAR stickers for sale

    We have SDAR stickers for sale. You can order and pay through paypal and send money to account Beachtowntile@msn.com until a store is set up. Prices- #1 Dye Cut $7 #2-#5 $3 #6 $4 If you order over $10 I will throw in a #7 or #8 (your choice) free while supplies last. Please make sure to include your mailing address. If you would put your Site Name as well as you True name I would appreciate it.
  21. The site has had an issue with no email notifications when you have a message. I had the IT people look into it and mine has been working again. How about you, working?
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  23. Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    Bump Original post with meeting information Thank you
  24. 17 Riders, That is a lot of people who did not post they were going. Awesome turnout!