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  1. Bikeslut, In Mammoth. Climbing and mtn biking. On Tuesday the wife and I are doing a 3 day/30 mile backpacking trip from Tuolumne Meadows to Mammoth. Once I figure out some good riding around Bishop/Mammoth I will let you guys know. I have been told of a fun 100 mile loop from Mammoth to June Lake and back. Also some riding in the White Mountains east of Bishop that take you up to 12,000+ feet elevation. Steve
  2. I would but in am leaving for a week starting tomorrow. Next time!
  3. Thanks for the fun time. It was great riding with you guys. I hope to hook up for another one soon!
  4. I would like to ride with you guys on Sunday. I will be ready to ride as close to 6am as possible. I will be in a white Tundra with an embarrassingly new looking KTM.