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  1. just got home.. bored, shoulda kept riding. bench racing still going on? Any leftover Brats?
  2. I'll bring some beers to barter for burgers. See y'all in a few.
  3. You know, my "right price" and yours are so far apart that "might" is not an option. Don't miss this opportunity folks, Dsm8 has a proper set up.
  4. I'll definitely drop in. Need dsm8 to convert my bike from EFI to Carb. Apparently that's a thing.
  5. Andrea's cool. In & Looking forward to it.
  6. tntmo - Downs is a great resource. He knows his stuff. Col. Kurtz approves this message.
  7. No worries Randy, just razzin' ya. I got a hat, so that's like, VIP status anyway, right?
  8. Solo late summer '15 trip through Oregon. OBDR Stage 3 NorCal - Heading to Lost Coast Astoria Or. (Hometown) South of Lava Beds NM, NorCal
  9. Donated plus some. Seems the 1st post mentioned a membership "card".. haven't received one yet. I got the hat though, there's that.
  10. Not surprised, I had my doubts that lil truck would make it. Lucky for them indeed.
  11. Riding that 'Strom like few others would dare, no surprise parts are falling apart. Fun riding start to finish Downs! Tough night in the wind tunnel though. I'd post my pics but you already did, ha!
  12. Cool Hats! Just ordered the Tan One (paypal). Hope It's not too late.
  13. Stoke- Perhaps post link to signup page here.
  14. Time draws nigh, sing up now, spots still open. Gonna be a great time.
  15. See you tomorrow Afry. Stoke & I leaving San Marcos about 10.