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    Riding, been gone awhile but back surgery has made me whole again.
  1. feb 16-18 or feb 23-25
  2. how about a weekend mid march?
  3. multi day trip no more than 3 days, larger bikes so we can cruise. when I get a few people interested I will contact my friend and we may have free lodging at his place but a guide for nightlife activity.
  4. Great ride dan, enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to another trip with the group.
  5. I will see you guys. around 9 in Borrego at my place, it was 34 degrees riding around lake henshaw yesterday morning early, don't freeze. if anyone needs to store anything at my place until the return that would be fine.
  6. didnt pour rain but just enough to get rid of the dust, don't expect too much mud not raining now.
  7. feb is ok, winging it is 99% of my riding.
  8. pm sent, are we camping at picacho state park campground?
  9. I hope she still has that sauna at thompsons.
  10. I will be there, ive done this twice solo it might be nice to have company but only if we stop at chicken!
  11. That works for me, we can meet at circle or I can pm my address
  12. like jaja's idea, plus I would love to pick his brain about Australia.
  13. If you go to Jerome or tortilla flats Im in for sure, need to know what tires to run since im on streets now.
  14. Rain would be nice in Borrego to pack down all the dirt from the holiday weekend, but unless it forecasts 100% it usually never happens.