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  1. Nice ride, ended up camping until today (Monday) with friends, here are some shots of a ride to the salton sea (pelican nests)
  2. I will be around, I will park my bike where it can be seen from main st, Im going early to get a good spot with a shade since the talk of cool weather has got people talking about camping this weekend.
  3. Bagstr, I'll be set up in OW on main st by 0800 swing by if you like. my bike will be outside easy to spot.
  4. Is the world ending? its 79 degrees with a cool breeze in Borrego!
  5. If anyone comes out we will be camped on mainstreet as close to hwy as possible, look for white funrunner toyhauler and bikes, it will be the camper with the ac running! staying out fri sat sun.
  6. Temp has been floating between 85 and 105 lately so I would believe it, keep me posted.
  7. Down the backside to slash X if its still open this time of year, otherwise just find a good pub, not much riding on the street up there.
  8. purchase new at FBC less than a year ago, wife has ridden it less than 15 hours , has upgraded clutch so it really hooks up also carb restrictor was removed so it gets up and goes, full auto with reverse, Paid 4200 for it cash and have title in hand. Bike was registered in calif and now has a green sticker and a Arizona street legal plate and offroad sticker, atv has signals, horn, brake light and rear view mirrors so you can ride in Utah, Montana, Arizona, etc. $2500 firm to members.
  9. Weather turned out to be cool because of the prior days storm, riding was great with no dust, after a long day of riding floating in the river felt pretty good. Pic is on top of the mountain with the large P on it just outside parker.
  10. We will be set up at pirates den resort on the river, rides leaving at 0800 fri sat sun. space 28 on water, look for white toyhauler with all the bikes around it. Mellow easy trail riding with plated bikes only, place to crash if you need it.
  11. Have to cancel ride, meeting zubb at 8ball for some tire swapping. sorry.
  12. Last minute ride into the calcite mine area and truckhaven hills, easy pace, plated bikes only. will meet at circle in Borrego at 0730 and leave at 0800, I know this is last minute but if anyones out here tomorrow its an option. Plan on taking our time to get to the mine by riding the surrounding area until around 10 then heading up to the mine for an early lunch then wandering across the desert back to Borrego by 1-3 before it gets too hot. Its been pretty nice and tolerable out here but still hot so bring plenty of water and lunch. Let me know if your coming so we can take off earlier if no one from out of town is going.
  13. 150-70-17 be in san marcos sunday