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  1. Veys Powersports

    I bought three new bikes from veys this year and for me they blew away everyone on service and price including another ktm dealer in Poway, they are good people to deal with and made good on an error on one bike right away, they will be my go to shop for now.
  2. Monsoon Watch

    great riding this morning with cooler than normal temps but humidity, just came in around 1030 and it was perfect, heading out again at 0630 tomorrow for a quickie to ocotillo via superstition/plaster city and back fish creek to ow then home, will wrap it up around 11, Alaska beckons on Friday!
  3. I use the fatty on all my bikes but shipping free and no tax and livin g in Borrego the internet is a no brainer.
  4. did this a couple years ago nova scotia and new foundland have some of the nicest people I have ever met, but quebec is a different story. Have fun great ferry rides.
  5. highly possible, rally in the gorge in august.
  6. Motorcyclist killed in Encinitas

    just watched it, its obvious who was at fault unless the bike was in the triple digits of speed. I log 10s of thousands of miles a year on the road across this country and others and this is the killer I see all the time the infamous left turn! accidents are assigned percentages of fault and some lies with the biker if it is determined he was speeding or exhibition of speed but it will be a small percentage in this case I believe. This appears to be an accident and the deputy just didn't see him, no police officer wants to intentionally crash into another vehicle especially causing death, just a very sad situation and everyone will pay the price for what happened one with his life.
  7. WTB street bike

    found a bike thanks.
  8. Lark - Mc Cain

    great riding area. I want to thank fargoin for showing up and giving us a lay of the land, a lot different riding than Im used to out in the open desert but it was a lot of fun.
  9. Something smells fishy....

    sounds like a good place to get shot or robbed
  10. Something smells fishy....

    been flagged, what did say?
  11. Lark - Mc Cain

    if im coming up from the desert floor which exit on the 8? then what?
  12. Lark - Mc Cain

    yes main staging area if I can find it. I will be there by 0830 but my brother wont arrive until 9
  13. We were going to ride desert tomorrow but my brother wants to ride in a cooler climate, is anyone riding or wants to ride lark or mc cain or both tomorrow? I am not familiar with this area and a knowledgeable person would help, he is meeting me at lark at 0900 tomorrow (sat) so if anyones interested let me know. Thanks.
  14. buttercup Friday, Saturday, atvs and bikes, will post it up, toyhauler with ac will be present!
  15. im going to look into that since I ride all summer.