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  1. outside of Julian with 4 year old grandson, he is pretty heavy on my mountain bike, especially when he doesn't pedal!
  2. Point, its a great bike and hard to find one of that vintage in such great shape. Hope you didn't take it wrong. I sold a 30 yr old Honda with less than 2k miles last year that I found in a warehouse in fallbrook. I appreciate older motorcycles.
  3. Thanks Mikey, you kind of let me know what I have heard was true about these bikes, Ive owned a lot of different bikes over the years and this is going to be the first one I have ever bought as a showpiece and a performance monster. I think I will be happy with it if I only use it occasionally for fun short trips. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the input, I know there will never be anything as reliable or low cost to own as a Japanese bike, but I do like the styling of the 1299, this may be the biggest motorcycle mistake I ever make but its kinda like one of those things you've always wanted even if its bad for you. Im heading up Thursday to hopefully make the purchase. Thanks.
  5. Im looking at one of these at a dealer up north but have never owned a duck, this would be only my 4th sport bike in my life and Im used to Honda reliability (repsol 1k) and R6, but I think its time I had something I could rub with a diaper and keep in the living room, Any input good or bad by Duc riders/owners would be appreciated. Thanks Again.
  6. RIP, had a friend hit the mountain wall in scissors crossing last week and passed away so know the feeling.
  7. My uncle was a motor officer in Toledo ohio and I remember when the dept got some of these to test, most made it beyond 75k hard miles of abuse, does it come with historic plates?
  8. I will be finishing up Victoria and rally in the gorge right before this ride but Im 99% in. The only thing I ask is no cancelling unless emergency happens since I plan long rides pretty tightly that time of year. Thanks
  9. what you riding? Im asking because of highway cruising speeds. My options are DRZ400 or Super Ten which doesn't like sand but cruises at 100 all day, my drz cruises at 65 max without over revving it.
  10. took forever to find a pic of my last xr but here it is.
  11. I did end up putting header wrap under the tank on the way back but living in the desert now and riding all summer the xrs are out.
  12. I just sold my 2015 klr after logging close to 20k miles in one sitting (nova scotia, new foundland, Labrador, pei, quebec city and back to san diego) the bike ran flawlessly. This was my 5th klr and klr has always been my go to bike for adventures of 20k miles or more and also when I leave the country because of ease of getting parts abroad. I built a 2013 xr 650l into a travelling machine with HT boxes clark tank and much more, it is twice the bike in the dirt and the ride is incredible compared to the klr, but heres the downside, Its air cooled, as I was crossing Oklahoma in 100 degree plus temps the bike shut down, when I opened the gas cap what gas was in the tank was boiling, I know this sounds crazy but its true, I think the super high heat of the engine being so close to the bottom of that clark and the cruising speed of 80 mph along with the heat did it. In the winter I would trade 2 klrs for one xr and I am considered one of the highest mileage riders of klrs in the states.
  13. Since I see no posts we are going to swing by circle at 0800 and if no one there we are going to get moving towards airport and out into dez at landfill, still making stop at iron door to pick up another rider.
  14. Catch me on the next one, I will be down with shoulder surgery until I leave in august for Victoria (on the super 10) should be riding the dez again by late sept.
  15. Reximus, if you decide to come pm me if you need to leave a vehicle in my yard instead of the circle.