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Thread Hijacking

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I've noticed on quite a few threads, that people start to post responses that get way off the original topic. I've seen this called "Thread Hijacking" on other sites. By the time everyone gets through all the posts, the topics being discussed no longer relate to the original topic, and the original discussion is sometimes lost.

Please refrain from too much of this Thread Hijacking. If it relates fairly closely to the original topic, than by all means keep posting.

If you want to wander away from the original topic, start your own conversations or threads, than please start a New Thread.

Any questions, let me know.


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It seems that there are a lot of posts that are being hijacked still. It makes it very hard for anyone, including the original poster to follow the topic. It also makes the web site look more like a chat room than a place to meet other riders and discuss motorcycle related issues.

Many of the offenders are core members of our club. Some offenders are the persons posting the topic.

There are many areas to post open discussion topics.

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