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Posting PHOTOS with Your Write-Ups and On This Site

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Everyone on the site, and everyone posting photos should read the Website Info and/or Problems Forum in the first Category of Forums at the top of the page. There you will find info about maximum sizes of photos to post and other important forum rules and/or guidelines.

Hello all, due to ever increasing costs of maintaining this site, and ever increasing hosting packages we've had to purchase due to the amount of GB needed to host this site, only Contributing/Supporting Members will be allowed to attach photos to their posts.. which means you download directly to the SDAR server in your post an attachment.

Non-supporting members need to use an outside photo hosting site like Smugmug, Photobucket, Flicker, etc.

From now on, if we see photos posted as attachments and you're not a supporting member, we will have to delete your photos.

Please abide by this new rule. 

When you post photos hosted by another site, it does not cost us GB of valuable storage space everytime someone clicks on your photo to view it.

If it is posted as an attachment, it uses up GB of storage space that we pay for on our hosting plan.

Also, photos posted as attachments by Supporting Members shall be of motorcycles, motorcycle trips and motorcycle related photos only.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding !

Thanks for your cooperation !

Now please post some great write-ups and photos ! B)

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Another reminder to everyone attaching photos to their posts. Link to photo posting guidelines is in above post.

Please remember, oversized photos and/or non-motorcycle related photos attached to posts, will be DELETED by Admin / Moderators.

Maximum size of photo attachments is 1024 x 768.

thanks for your cooperation.

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