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Hey all, thanks for getting involved and voicing your opinions.

I hope many of the lurkers out there are also doing something to get involved, stay informed and help in the fight to keep our public lands, forests, deserts and riding areas open to motorized....because it really is a FIGHT !! Even if it's not in our backyard, we need to help all over California and the west as well.

See pinned topics at top of this forum for groups to support. Stay informed.

Thanks for participating !!

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From: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,394122,00.html

WASHINGTON — Smokey Bear was unfair.

The Forest Service said Tuesday it has canceled a public service ad in which the iconic bear warned that sparks from off-road vehicles could start a wildfire.

Off-road groups had complained that the ad sent the wrong message that riders operating ATVs in a legal manner can start forest fires.

"The mutual goal of the Forest Service, National Association of State Foresters and the Ad Council is to spread Smokey's enduring message of preventing wildfires to all forest users," the Forest Service said in a statement Tuesday.

Because the ATV ad was interpreted as unfairly targeting off-road riders, the Forest Service has requested that TV stations and other media outlets that had broadcast the ad discontinue it, the Forest Service said.


Ditto yippee.... :ok: :D:) :dance: ;);):):D

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