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CABDR with the Desert X, Section 3 - Mar. 2023

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March 26, 2023. Sunday


We started section 3 late in the day, leaving about 3:30pm from Sahara Oasis near the route 66. Since it was late already, we had to quickly visit (skim is the word) our first stop - the Goeff's School House, a historic point from the WW II era. The first dirt roads was Lanfair, another freeway with really no challenge and fast speeds. Then the best part of the section: New York Mountain Road and Cima Road. If you really want to see Joshua trees, don't go to the JT National Park, instead take these roads. The scenery is absolutely stunning and at some points I felt I was in the Africa Savanna - not that I've ever been - but that's how I imagine it would be.

After the dirt section of Cima Road, we got a road closure at the asphalt section of Cima Road, which we completely disregarded and continued towards the WWII Memorial Cross. After a pause for pictures, we kept on going on Kessler Peak Road, which with the contribution of the golden hour, was an amazing experience as well. We stopped at a couple of abandoned mines on the way. At the very end of Kessler, we got some deep sand which tested our resolve to get to Primm.

The last piece of dirt was Zinc Mine Road. It was almost dark already as we rode it down to I-15 freeway. The Baja Designs Squadron Pros were really appreciated at night. We got to Primm in the dark and after some confusion trying to locate our hotel, we checked in at the Buffalo Bill Hotel, which I would not recommend to anybody. Not only it's an old hotel with very precarious maintenance, but Max got food poisoning from one of their restaurants, which forced us to cut our trip short the next day.


But no worries, we came back in May to complete sections 4-8, so stay tunned...

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