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This is a great group to support, they help fight land closures and maintain trails in the southern Sierra near the Kernville, Jawbone, Lake Isabella areas....

Sequoia Trails Newsletter May 2023

Sequoia National Forest Reopens Some Roads and Trails

Sequoia Forest Supervisor Teresa Benson closed the majority of the Sequoia National Forest two months ago to prevent rut damage by driving on saturated roads and trails. As the lower Forest dries out she has chosen not renew that Forest wide closure which expired on 4/29/23. 

However, many roads and trails are still closed under the winter closure order 0513-23-01 which remains in effect until June 15, 2023. Higher areas are still under many feet of snow from record snowfall such as Sherman Pass, Piutes, Greenhorn and Breckenridge. You can see the winter closure HERE.

Keep in mind that just because a route is open does not mean it should be ridden if the trail has sections that are too wet.
We urge riders to turn around if they encounter wet trails or snow in order to prevent damaging your trails. Please ride with respect and don’t make ruts. 



Stewards Ongoing Rut Repairs

Stewards have spent many hundreds of hours this spring repairing thousands of feet of ruts caused by riding trails when they were too wet. There is a limited window to repair ruts when still damp but before they quickly dry out and harden up. Once that happens the trails are no fun to ride until they can be repaired the following winter if there is enough rain to make them workable. Thanks to those riders who responded to our pleas to stay off wet trails this spring so as not to make more ruts. Please stay off trails that are still wet. 


Next Step to Stop PCT Land Grab and More

For several months now Stewards of the Sequoia and California Four Wheel Drive Association have teamed up to urge legislators to begin oversight regarding the Sequoia Forest Service refusing to resolve objections to the Sequoia Forest Plan. We are pleased that last week Congressman McCarthy and McClintock started taking action. 

The Forest Service is violating their own regulations by including a trail specific one mile wide PCT management area that would harm the historic world class Piute motorized trail system. The Forest Service is also violating their own policy by refusing to match the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum to the existing motorized trails in the area. Oversight by legislators could require the Forest Service to resolve these objections and create a Sequoia Forest Plan that will not harm motorized and other recreation. 



Forest Access Above Porterville Limited This Summer 

The Forest Service has just announced- those planning a visit to the Sequoia National Forest above Porterville should first plan their route, as many roads were heavily damaged from abundant precipitation over the winter. Highway 190 sustained major damage in several locations, making it impassible between Springville and Ponderosa. Caltrans is working on repairs in anticipation of having it open from Springville to Camp Nelson by late summer and from Camp Nelson to Ponderosa before next winter sets in. 

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