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Glamis Dunes: 12/17 & 12/24-NYE - Any Interest?

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FYI for you sandies of course paddles will do you, but you may also consider a less stressful on the drivetrain, smoother running and more diverse terrain sand tire.

I have always been partial to the originator of the genre the Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft Sand tire. They revolutionized this type on the deep sand tracks of Europe

Michelin Starcross 5 sand tyre: The Michelin Starcross 5 sand tyre is one our favourites! It has specially designed tread with massive scoops, which make hauling through the sand a breeze, plus the tread itself is self-cleaning to release any build-up. One of the key differences in the Michelin sand tyre is the fact the tread is thicker than others on the market, making it more durable while also serving incredibly well in the mud.

Dunlop Geomax MX12 sand tyre: The Dunlop Geomax MX12 sand tyre is without a doubt one of the most popular options for motocross riders. The tyre provides exceptional cornering acceleration grip, enhanced handling in ruts and increased bump control. It uses an innovative tread pattern that features V-Block technology for the maximum in traction, plus it utilises Dunlop's unique Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT).

Bridgestone Battlecross X12 sand tyre: Designed specifically for muddy and sandy conditions, the Bridgestone Battlecross X12 is optimised for greater stability when braking and cornering, yet is designed with exceptional block rigidity for excellent traction when the soil is deep.

Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft sand tyre: The Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft is the original 'scoop' sand tyre, revolutionising dirt bike sand tyres across the market. The Scorpion MX Soft has been designed with the input of MXGP riders, and it boasts reinforced edge blocks and centre paddle for an improved drive, edge traction and increased longevity in soft conditions.

Mitas Terra Force MX sand tyre: Considered a hybrid 'sand tyre', the Mitas Terra Force MX uses a semi-paddle construction and wide row spacing ensure maximum clearing and traction in stickiest mud or deepest sand.

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On 1/6/2023 at 10:01 AM, Slaugo said:

for Glamis you can always triangulate. Sand Highway runs from Gecko road to Gordon’s well. Approx 28 miles. On the west side of the imperial sand dunes. 
From the Glamis store the washes # run along the east side all the way to Gordon’s well. You only have a approx 3 mile walk east or west if you break down. Patton Valley is approx half way between Gordon’s and the beach store, 
start recognizing the mountain silhouette from the tops of your nearest highest peak and you’ll almost never get lost.

Slaugo:  Hello.  I am short on time....but I simply want to drop a line to THANK YOU very much for the wise words of wisdom about the world of Glamis.  Your advice is golden!  I wish I knew this prior to the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday break.  I am returning to Glamis this weekend.  Your information will certainly help with navigating.  I will also have a GPS with a backtrack feature, a Garmin/Delorme InReach Exploror SAT comm device and a 2.64 gallon fuel bladder to compliment my 3.2 gallon fuel tank during this trip.  Therefore, I will have approximately 5.8 gallons.  Giant Loop Coyote luggge arrived this week as well and it will provide a little peace of mind by traveling with a tent and sleeping bag.  Compression sacks are GREAT!

I like your idea of burying gas in various areas.  With every trip, I am learning more about the area and tips on navigating.  As you know, Glamis is huge and there is a lot to explore and learn.

Thanks again for your generous & GOLDEN keystrokes and for keeping one foot in the SD Adv Rider Forum although you are in TX.  

BTW, your T7 looks great.  I test rode a T7 recently and was quite impressed with it.  Yamaha hit the mark perfectly IMHO.  I had a XT660Z Tenere in AUS and thought it was nice, especially the dual under seat exhaust for symmetrical saddle bag mounts, fuel capacity or touring range.  The T7 is twice the m/c as the XT660Z in regards to the engine and transmission, IIRC.  

Ride safely and have a great MLK Jr. holiday weekend.

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9 hours ago, Koonzee said:

  Ride safely and have a great MLK Jr. holiday weekend.

Hope you love the Giant Loop bags as much as I do. I got the MoJavi bags. I’ve used them on my last four bikes and have well over a 100,000 miles on them with no issues. 
One of the fun aspects of this sport is acquiring gear that works for us.

Definitely figure out a fuel option. 2gallons on the dunes floats better than 6 gallons. 

if you have or install rim locks you can also shed your tire repair supplies and tools buried with your fuel to travel lighter.

Ride on, be safe! 


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robertaccio: Thank you for the tire information.  I am quite happy with the paddle tire and will swap wheels as needed.  Ride safely.  David

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