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Room Rental Available in Sorrento Valley

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San Diego Adventure Riders.

Cheers!  Here's a long shot... but I thought it may be nice to share a home with a couple like-minded adventure riders.

More information on the rentals is available at:



A little about my riding interests...via images & videos:


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Zubb: Please try again.  The links are correct.  Good luck.  Checkout some of the 10 second videos... some of my favorite memories.

ShutterRev:  Thanks for kind reply.  Yes.  I had some great experiences.  Is your username a combination of two passions?  Shutterbug & Revving Motorsports?  If you are interested in international travel, I highly recommend it.  It is easier than most would anticipate and very affordable in India, Nepal & Thailand.  I rented a Royal Enfield Himalayan for $8.90/day for three months for India and Nepal.  In AUS, I bought a nice Yamaha Tenere XT660Z and toured for six months.  In NZ, I bought an Africa Twin XRV750 and toured for two months. (I started in NZ with the AT and was going to ship/ride it during the other tours, but I quickly learned it was too expensive and added the risk of shipping delays.)  Northern Thailand was my favorite place to 'actually ride' due to being mostly rural areas with perfect roads with hardly any traffic.  I rented a CB500, which is one of their larger motorcycles.  Two or three weeks would be enough to experience the Ladakh region in India.  If you enjoy the solitude of riding in our southwest region, especially northern Death Valley, you will love Ladakh!  If you enjoy photograph, the Ladakh region is heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.  Leh has Buddhists, Hindu, Christians, Muslims and probably more religions represented.  I am glad you enjoyed a few of the photographs.  If you need a laugh, check out the holy men of the Nepal videos.  Btw, the RE Himalayan has provided a much needed touring motorcycle for India.  It is the perfect ride for India and the dealer support is second to none! Cheers!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Ladakh#:~:text=Tourism is one of an,the Leh and Kargil districts.

Direct flight from SFC to New Delhi.  Domestic flight to Leh for your motorcycle rental.  (Leh's rental for prices will be higher than New Dehli's rental prices but if you are short on time it is worth it.)  

Here are my gps tracks: (At times I was less than ten miles from Pakistan and simply across a lake from China.


The local mountains...


Passes crossed during day prior to arriving to Leh.  Leh is an adventure sports destination.  IIRC, there are many popular treks out of Leh, some reaching as high as 20,000 feet! "Rising up to 20,000 feet, Kang Yatse is one of the most wondrous peaks in Ladakh."

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