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, and I could only imagine in my minkd 20210514_144309_3819_8855.thumb.jpg.33445f9d75650e1a88c7b0a42596b0ae.jpg

I was day dreaming about a little tiny flower I saw while I was riding, and the trench i was in got deep and I kept plowing it with moderate  throttle till my bike was sideways, because  I kept wondering how the temps are affecting that tiny thing 



Every time I mount up lately I'm wondering  where that pretty little thing is at .. I hope it grows wild,  and I want to watch it grow, so i carefully plot  my trail  so it leads me back to it.


 It  makes me want to lay down in tall grass in the middle of nowhere and smell it and hold it and eat it (in a literal sence). The colors are so vibrant, it's like putting on strawberry chapstick before you need it...


Up up and away I know it's true, my DS tires are blue, until they get to roost all over you,

I have my trails , and there's other flowers , but this one type of flower,  only my dual sport bike can take me to it  and I love my DS..

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LSD flash back bro. 
I thought you laid off that stuff man. 
Kick down. 

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