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California Trail Maps install trouble

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On 8/15/2021 at 11:48 AM, Bub_Hannah said:

Still confused on what I'm doing wrong.  I've looked thru Lees site for information and asked around on the message boards out there.

Here is what I see If I turn on the three CATM maps one at a time on ZUMO XT (this with all Garmin provided maps turned off)

CATM Topo - I see topography... some  dirt roads, but no color coded trails
CATM Trail Map - I see color coded areas (land ownership), some dirt roads, but no color coded trails.
CATM Transparent Trail Map - I see only major routes (no surface streets, dirt roads or color coded trails"

Turning on all three at the same time, I see no color coded land ownership map anymore. Still no color coded trails...only some dirt roads.
Turning off the CATM Topo map, the color coded land map ownership map is visible again, but still no color coded trails ...only see some dirt roads.

Am I doing some thing wrong, some wrong setting?



Did you ever get this figured out? I am debating purchasing the CATM for my Zumo XT, if it will actually work on the device. I watched his video and it appears it would need to have the transparent map overlayed onto the base map in Basecamp. I'd love any feedback on how it ended up for you.

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