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100s MC Nat Hare and Hound 24OCT2020

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This is one of the real old school hard core Nat dez races in the D37 zone. I have done quite a few with good finishes and they deliver a real tough experience with lots of bench racing tales to tell.

I am really thinking about riding my "new" 99 TE610 as a test ride to really get the understanding of this machine going into the 2021 (hard ride) DS ride season.

100s is named for their 100 mile hard events. The flyer is not very clear but info is out on the internet under the NHHA, 100sMC and on FB as well.

This one is a 2 looper which is unusual for 100s MC their normal format is 1) easy/med loop, 2) medium/hard loop 3) start med/hard and right near finish after 80-90 mil some ball breaking hard sections into the finish.


100s MC 2020.jpg

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