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Colorado Riding Summer 2019 - Slavens Reprort

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Hello Guys:
Just a quick update.  
Four Mile riding area east of Buena Vista is fully open.  
Taylor Park is not officially closed by the U.S. Forest Service BUT the trails that go above 9500' elevation are full of snow and downfall making loops not possible.  There are a few low elevation trails and jeep roads open.  
Hartman Rock south of Gunnison is fully open.  
Sargents now has about 100 miles of open trails but many loops are not possible due to snow on the CDT and above timberline. Yon and the Tomichi Trail Riders are working hard to clear trail and more will open each week. The Sargents Fire Department is hosting a great fireworks display on July 4th and the Tomichi Trading Post will be serving great chow and deserts on the 4th and throughout the following weekend.  
Reminder: ALL Colorado trail riding requires a Green Sticker (available at MC dealers and other locations) , spark arrestor ($150 fine) and quiet muffler that is 96dB or less. Off-trail riding is NOT allowed and is subject to stiff fines, motorcycle impoundment and an appearance in front of a federal judge in Denver.
Jeff Slavens


Hello Guys:
As I mentioned in a previous email, Colorado trail conditions this year are ugly. We had an extreme record year of snowfall and we have had unusually low daytime and evening temps, so the snow is melting slower than normal. The next issue is, the streams and rivers are raging. Many stream crossings are sketchy to downright dangerous. 
In southwest Colorado, the USFS District Rangers and the San Juan Trail Riders have asked that we stay off the trails until mid to late August.
None of the trails systems in that area are open.  Once they melt out, it may take a few weeks to clear the downfall and repair avalanche damage. Huge drifts and cornices, avalanche areas with deep snow, downed trees and boulders blocking many trails are the norm this year. Please do the right thing and adhere to the Forest Service and SJTR request. 
The most popular riding area in Colorado, Taylor Park, is CLOSED. None of the trails are open, NONE. Even Jeep roads are still closed from snow, downfall and avalanche debris. The popular Pearl Pass will likely not open at all this year. 
News release: Colorado mountains above 10,000 feet are expected to get several inches of snow this weekend. The winter that won't quit. 
A little good news; Front Range areas like Woodland Park (717), Rampart Range and a few other areas are open, dry and cleared. Rainbow Trail near Salida is cleared and open. 
Solid dude Yon at the Tomichi Trading Post has been working hard to open a few trails in the Sargents area, but it will be a few weeks before many of the high elevation loops are open. Yon organized a work party last week to cut downfall and dig through some drifts to open a few trails. If you're in that area, at least stop by and have a great burger (and pie or cobbler) at his restaurant. Help those that truly help us, no posers. 
I get emails and calls almost daily from guys planning to come out in June and July from other states. They just don't understand the situation or think I'm exaggerating. I've lived here since the early '70s and have never seen conditions like this, not even close. If anything, I'm understating the statewide situation. It is ugly. 
Please be a trail ambassador! Don't damage our trails. 
Jeff Slavens

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