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Uninstalling/re-installing Garmin MapSource

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I contacted Garmin Tech Support to bail me and Jeff out of the FUBAR scenario we wound up in as a result of downloading some "trial" Baja topo software from the internet (MISTAKE :unsure: ). I'm happy to say that we're both now back in business and have been able to uninstall/reinstall Mapsource software thanks to the response I received from Garmin Tech Support :beach: .......I've pasted in the "fix" to use if you ever find yourself in a similiar scenario where you must uninstall/re-install:

From Garmin Tech Support:

Please follow these steps to completely remove all Garmin and Mapsource entries from the computer.

1. Go to the start menu in windows

2. Select the settings and then select the control panel.

3. In the control panel double click on the icon for ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.

4. Select MapSource in the uninstall window. The software will ask to if you wish to uninstall all the components, answer YES to this option.

5. Next go to my computer and open the "c" drive, there you will see a Garmin folder delete it, while there look in the Program Files folder, if you see a Garmin folder there delete it also.

6. Next go to Start and click on Run

A. Type in %temp% and click ok, this will bring you to your temp files

B. G o to edit and click on select all

C. T hen go to file and click on delete

D. O nce the files start being deleted, there may be some that will give you an option to select yes or no, select no you don't want to delete it, some may simply say that the file can not be deleted that is ok because those are needed files, once you click on ok in that pop up the process will stop

E. Y ou can start it again by pressing and holding the (Ctrl) key on the key board, and then clicking on the first file in the list, that will deselect the first file which should be the one that stopped the process

F. Now click on Delete on the key board and start the deleting process again

G. Keep repeating these steps until the temp files have been cleaned out accept the ones that need to stay.

7. Select the Start key to the run option. In the run window type in < regedit > and enter. In the registry editor, you need to be very careful and please follow these steps precisely.

a. Select the (+) next to the folder stating HKEY_CURRENT_USER

b. In this view select the (+) next to SOFTWARE, when you click on this it will open your registry further.

c. In the SOFTWARE view you will see a series of folders, one will be GARMIN. Highlight the word GARMIN and press the delete key. It will ask for confirmation of deletion. Make sure that the word GARMIN is the only key highlighted. Press on the (-) signs to contract the expansion.

d. Repeat the same process for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. It may not be in this registry.

8. Shut down your system as normal and then let the system set for about 30 seconds and then start up your computer.

9. Before re-installing the software please disable or turn off any security programs; i.e. Norton, McAfee, Spyware, and or Zone Alarm.

10. Reinstall the software. It will ask for the destination folder, if the setting is the C:\Program Files and so forth, click on the browse option and type in a different destination folder. C:\Garmin. This folder will not exist, but the option to create it will follow. Select OK.

11. Reboot after finishing your installation allowing the software to rest in the destination folder.

12. After you reinstall, I recommend that you upgrade your operating software to the latest version of the MapSource operating system, i.e. update Mapsource or the nroute program to the latest version from our web site, by going to updates and downloads, then click on mapping programs, and click on the option needed.

With Best Regards,

Steve B

Software Support Specialist

Software Team

Garmin International



913-397-8282 (fax) Att: Steve B


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