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STI Tech2 Pro Tire

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As an experiment I am running a rear tire that is new to me, the Tech2 Pro  110/100-18.  I was having trouble getting a Maxxis Desert IT and it came recommended from Ron at the counter/MotoWorld.  $74 before discount.


Next to the Desert IT @ 50%



I have 175 miles of dualsport use including 30 or so pavement miles. Wear appears on par with the Maxxis so far. Feel and performance seems similar. First time out I forgot there was a new tire out back and did not notice any difference. Good traction and sliding control. I will let your know about long term wear. 

Generally I do not like Chinese gear but have to admit this appears to to be well made. Currently not a DOT compliant tire. The rep was in the store when I was talking with Ron at the counter. He says the DOT label is in the works.  The Des IT has been held up at the docks evidently.

So an option for people looking for a cheap tire.


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