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Android GPS On The Cheep

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I recently lost a "phone" I was using as a GPS. We had a decent run together but Compadre trail decided to take it from me.


I was looking to replace the lost unit, a ZTE Z Max Pro. The removable micro sd card, 6 inch screen and snapdragon 617 chipset fit the task well, running smooth. I had no complaints with the one I had lost and thought I might be able to pick up a replacement for a price that wouldn't sting too much.  Figured I'd share my story for anyone considering an Android-based GPS.


An ebay search revealed a deal could be had for under 60$. Won an auction at $55 for a lightly used unit.  Current specimen available... https://www.ebay.com/itm/143059429033?_trksid=p2054502.m570.l5999&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI143059429033.N36.S1.R1.TR1


It arrived in my mailbox a couple days later.


Connected to my home wifi and downloaded (previously purchased) Locus Map Pro along with a few "Locus Map enhanced" maps, California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico. Also uploaded a micro sd card with the transparent "California trail maps"



Importing gpx files is quick via email yourself and download to phone.


It's all up and running. I'm happy with how this worked out, not bad for $55.


Hope someone finds this useful.:good:









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1 hour ago, paulmbowers said:

Is it....

You know....



Hey, HEY!:laughingsmiley: I was really surprised my UV5R survived that punishment! I smashed it into the mud so hard it knocked the wind out of me.


Yeah, the Zmax isn't waterproof but it's so cheap that I just don't worry about it, perk of mostly riding the southwest USA. Also, I have the same maps and software on my cell phone as a backup JIC. Once familiar with installing the software and maps its a quick process, gotta love touchscreen user interface. The old Garmin (RIP run over by a train of jeeps) cx60 UI felt archaic.


A little of this over the mic and speaker oughta get ya to IP65 :rolleyes:   F0176251-01.jpg

Or dunk that baby in some Plasti Dip and you're ready to chuck it in a river. 


Of course, you could always spend 5 times more and get a "Water proof" phone. 

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