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San Diego to Joshua Tree

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I’m planning a ride to Joshua Tree this fall and I’m looking for what would be the best route. I’ve dug up a few post and looked on Google but looking for who has ridden what, how it was, anything to see along the way… that sort of thing.

I’ll be riding my KLR so dirt roads are good in general, but nothing too technical or time consuming.  I would figure leaving pretty early and lunching before entering the park at the Cottonwood entrance.

I took my Toy Hauler and KLR up there last year and had a great time camping (at Jumbo Rocks), hiking and riding round. This time going to ride up and stay a day or two in Joshua Tree or near about. As I get the dates and details sorted out I’ll post for anyone that might be interested in joining.

On the way there I’m avoiding freeways and looking for the road(s) a little less traveled, see few things along the way, some points of interest, good places to eat, an interesting small town?  On the way home, while still avoiding freeways, I’m looking for something relatively simple and time effective.

Best suggestions for the ride there, Best suggestions for the ride home?

 So starting out via the 79, from what I can tell there are 3 basic options, I guess each with some variation or options?

  • 79 to 371 to 74 to Fred Warring Drive to 10 to 111 to 66th Ave to Box Canyon to Cotton Springs  to the South Entrance
  • 79 to 78 to S22 to N 86 (some hi-way) to 81st to Harrison to Pierce to 66th Ave to Box Canyon to Cotton Springs  to the South Entrance
  • 79 to 78 to S 86 to something like (Banister – Forester – Gentry – Getty – Edens – Brant - Sinclair) to 111 or Coachella Canal Rd or Gas Line Rd to 70th to Wheeler to Box Canyon to Cotton Springs to the South Entrance

Thank You :)

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