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I made a nice donation from SDAR to San Diego Off Road Coalition last night at their meeting, for their ongoing efforts fighting to keep our lands open to riding !!

If you're not involved, there are issues coming up involving the Truckhaven area near Ocotillo Wells, as well as other issues affecting YOU.

Get involved.....send money to these groups as a bare minimum........every dollar is used usefully, for example........to go to meetings to represent YOU (it costs money to travel to meetings), to fight litigation filed by the environmental extremists, to hire lobbyists who represent YOU, and keep a full time attorney employed who works fighting for US !!

SDORC (San Diego Off Road Coalition)

CORVA (California Off Road Vehicle Association)

BRC (Blue Ribbon Coalition)

Stewards of the Seqouia

UTMA (Utah Trail Machine Association)

AMA (American Motorcyclist Association)

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Bumping this.....if you have strong points of view about land closures, please get involved ! If you don't know where to start, please ask.

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SDAR represents YOU.

I plan on attending a National Forest Meeting later this month.....and just some info about how local user groups (SDAR being one of them) have helped out at Corral Canyon....many thanks to all who have volunteered their time at Corral Canyon.


From Richard Tull, OHV Program Manager (Richard may be at our club meeting Tuesday August 16th).....

"in the last few years so much has been accomplished and I am very pleased with the current condition of the OHV program here on the Cleveland National Forest. The credit for the big accomplishments goes to the many proactive and dedicated folks in the OHV community who have stepped up and participated in the efforts to improve motorized recreation opportunities here. There has also been a lot of turnover in positions and people who have been involved in the process over the last five years. Since continuing to build on what has been achieved so far is vital, this is a good time to talk about short and long term goals that will continue to enhance opportunities and help ensure the future of motorized recreation at our OHV areas. This is also a good time for us land managers to look at the framework for scheduled meetings with interested and proactive public cooperators.

In the past couple of years I have seen many very positive improvements on the ground at Corral Canyon. I have also seen a couple of unfortunate disagreements and misunderstandings occur. Clearly communication is the key working together effectively. Since the Forest Service is generally not well understood by most people outside the agency, I also want everyone's role (especially mine) clearly understood so that we can continue forward and focus on what is achievable. As a lifelong off-road enthusiast and a professional land manager I hope to be able to continue to facilitate positive developments in the OHV areas here.

I believe that by using what we have learned so far we can foster an even stronger and more effective cooperative relationship between the OHV community and the Cleveland National Forest."

Richard Tull

OHV Program

Descanso Ranger District

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