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Gymkhana - KTM Sponsored Street School

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That's the bike CFMOTO (China's leading scooter& replica atv producer) and KTM got together.

So the bike is assembled in China by CFMOTO.

The joint merger of CFMOTO and KTM is called. KTMR2R. Interesting merger.

(Don't hear of it much in the States not sure why).

KTM knows how to sell bikes , thier projected global market goal is 200,000 bikes produced per year (per model) Cf Moto is more commonly known for chinese scooters&atv, and can produce very close to 200,000 of those per year also and will be using the same manufacting plant and assembly techniques to reach the goal. Quality of KTM materials will be the same as the parts are still shipped in From all over the world.

What a neat little bike.

When I first saw the Duke I was taken back a little bit. I think we all were.

Very interesting looking.

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