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If you happen to end up on a closed trail or private property or in an area closed to motorized, by accident on one of your rides (or you're not sure whether the area is open to motorized), PLEASE DO NOT POST PHOTOS OR MENTION WHERE IT WAS ON THIS FORUM.

We all realize this may happen on a rare occassion and by accident, you get lost, make a wrong turn, etc. But, please do not mention anything about it in your ride reports.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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Here's an example from Thumpertalk.........

Just wanted to remind everyone that anyone can see what we all post here......here's a similar post on Thumpertalk, about enviros using posts/pix/videos against us.......

From Adam on Thumpertalk.........

"Posting Pictures Used against Us"

"I find a trend going on that is screwed up. It seems the anti-access wacko's

will stoop to any level.They frequently monitor Thumpertalk and other riding sites to gather pictures,videos,riding areas,and turn around and use this against us in there biased propoganda agenda.

I stopped posting photo's for this reason years ago.Because I believe we are killing ourselves. I hope tt member's think about what you say here and the pic's you post before you

do it. peace, adam"

Thumper Talk Thread

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