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Was at bobcat meadows last week.Turns out if you forgot your pass you can purchase one

the next day . Or mail in the 5 bucks . The ranger is encouraged to offer a verbal warning if your around.

The ticket was designed for repeat offenders.

my friend also was camping at bobcat meadows he buys the $30 anual and gets two extra passes for a second vehicle (luckily he borrowed me one that day)

I dont want any coin operated facilities. I can never find a quarter fast enough.

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Please explain "illegal riding, vehicles etc.".

thank you

Good point, illegal riding I would say biggest issue at Corral has been cutting new unauthorized trails, illegal vehicles well noisy and no spark arrestors would be top candidates. Then we get to dangerous riding/driving but I fortunately mainly ride during the week so not so bad as at weekends it can be scary, no respect for other users.

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