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Found 1 result

  1. Found out I could get a couple of weeks of with short notice but the wife couldn’t so decided to do the Utah Back Country Discovery Route with a week and half notice so ordered the only bigger tank I could find for the ole gal than my IMS 3.1 gallon in an Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank so it arrived 1 day before my Departure date of 9-6-19 Friday and installed it as Thursday was the date for the arrival of the route map according to USPS but it did not arrive so I put out an all points bulletin to SDAR and thanks to MacDuncan was able to pick it up from him Saturday . Also Thanks to CID, Wierdrider and others that responded to my plea for help. The tank has kind of a bad design with the petcock hanging out way out on the bottom towards the front. What could go wrong in a tip over? Hit the road and ended pulling off and back about a half mile from the road about 20 miles north of Flagstaff.and slept in the back of the truck when I was awoken about 2:00 a.m by the sound of a truck bombing around with yelling screaming and loud music and wouldn’t ya know it the stopped about a hundred yards from me but at this time I was concealed by big bush trees. I know what your thinking in about 7 movies I’ve seen this never turns out good for the old guy in the trees so put a round in the chamber. What could go wrong but after about an hour the truck fired up continued bombing about off in to the distance. At least they were blasting some good Red Hot Chili Pepper music though. Unloaded the bike in Mexican Hat Utah about noon thirty started the trail thru Valley of the Gods which did not disappoint . Camped in Butler wash and the next day finished Stage 1 and continued on to Lockhart Basin and camped in the middle of it. Talk about solitude.The next day continued thru Lockhart as the weather turned bad a few times and had to seek shelter from crazy thunder storms